Walk Into the World of Flotation Cells Schematics

2015-10-23 Xinhai Views (1387)

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From Fagegelun, Achilles Thiel and other types of flotation cells in the 1930s, to XJQ type, ZJZ type and rod type flotation cells of the 1970s, to today large-scale, automated flotation cells. In China, flotation cells have constantly development and improvement, and China already has the capacity to produce the world advanced level of the flotation cells, in order to understand flotation cells, first of all, is to have a look at the froth flotation cells. In the following inflatable mechanical flotation cells, for example, to understand the schematic flotation cells.

The main structure of the flotation cells as shown as above. Circular cylinder 4 and the impeller 7 is formed upwelling vertical movement, which takes the slurry of coarse and heavy minerals up to the upper part of the flotation tank, and the blower pressed into the low-pressure air evenly distributed in the flotation cells. The output of mineralization with the rising flow of bubbles into the flotation tank separation zone and the ore separated from each other. Its main feature is the use of a blower to output low-pressure air, so as to improve the flotation efficiency. This is the basic principle of flotation cells. Combining with the structure of flotation cells, it is not difficult to imagine the principle of the flotation cells according to a schematic. Because of its simple configuration, it is therefore not suitable for very complex processes and medium-sized flotation operations.

Combining with the flotation cells schematics, let us take a look at examples of their products. For other types of inflatable mechanical flotation cells, such as the production of XHF Xinhai flotation cells, which is Xinhai proprietary products, with the ability to self-priming mining cells, without the need to configure the bubble pump, and when it is used in combination with BSF type flotation cells, which can form a horizontal configuration of flotation system, in addition, it has a large diameter of the impeller, and it can also provide high-speed spindle. It is a recommended flotation.



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