Small Laboratory Flotation Cell Characteristics

2015-11-04 Xinhai Views (1360)

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Laboratory test is the basis for all the test, small laboratory flotation cell is the basis of the industrial flotation process. The test did by small laboratory flotation cell has advantages and also disadvantages

Advantages of small laboratory flotation cell:

As the test has a small scale and less sample amount. Laboratory small flotation cell has better reproducibility and comparability of experiment data.

The test is operated batch and it has an easy controlled condition and less influence factor. So small laboratory flotation cell has higher and more stable experiment indexes than middle test and industry test.

As the small laboratory flotation cell consumes less manpower, material and material resources, and has bigger flexibility, so it is allowed to do the exploration test in a larger range.

Disadvantages of small laboratory flotation cell:

As the small laboratory flotation cell do the test batch so it cannot fully expose the influence upon the test from two joint jobs and recycled material.

It cannot fully reveal the influence of the feed nature fluctuation and condition change.

Small laboratory flotation cell has different operation condition and production condition.

Small laboratory flotation cell does not fully investigate the material nature, environment condition, structure data and operation condition.

In order to larger the small laboratory flotation cell is tested advantages and reduce the disadvantages, expect to adopt more reasonable operation method, the most important thing is to choose the reliable flotation cell. Xinhai small laboratory flotation cell has best quality, and lower price, and its flotation indexes close to production indexes, Xinhai is the best choice for mine and laboratory.



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