BF Series Flotation Cell

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According to the difference of the inflatable and agitation way, flotation can be divided into four types:

Flotation cell type Inflatable and agitation way Typical equipment
Self-breath mechanical agitation flotation cell

Mechanical agitation ( agitation device finish the air-intake and pulp agitation)

XJ series flotation cell, GF series flotation cell, BF series flotation cell, Sf series flotation cell, JJF series flotation cell and so on.
Aeration mechanical agitation flotation cell Aeration and mechanical agitation hybrid type( the air-intake is done by the blower and the pulp agitation is done by agitation device CLF series flotation cell, XCF series flotation cell, KYF series flotation cell, BSK series flotatio cell, BSF series flotation cell, XHF series flotation cell
Air-left flotation cell Puffer type(the air-intake is done by the outside blower and has no agitation device) Cyclonic micro-bubble flotation column, FYZ flotation cell
Decompression flotation cell Gas evolution and intake type(with no agitation device) XPM injection circumflex flow flotation cell.

Xinhai is the famous BF series flotation manufacturer at home and abroad, follows are the brie f introduction of its work principle and features.

BF series flotation cell working principle: the pulp are dropped by the impeller, and impeller tank forms negative pressure. The air is intake to the tank by air-intake pipe and center tube and combined with pulp and regent. After air combined with a foaming agent, quantity bubble would form and distribute in the tank. The particle collides with the foam and adhered to the foam move to the pulp surface and form the foam layer. Mineral foam enriched in the flam layer and scraped by the scraper, and become the foam product.

Features of Xinhai BF series flotation cell: ① as the impeller is made by the closure and doubled truncated cone, it can form strong pulp recycle and good for middle ore return. ② Lager inflatable amount and less consumption. ③ as the tank has the air-intake, pulp-intake and flotation function, it can become a loop, and horizontal device, and there is no need for the assistant device. ④ Reasonable pulp flow reduces the coarse particles sediment.

Except for the BF series flotation cell, Xinhai also has SF series, XCF series, JJF series mechanical agitation flotation cell, cyclonic micro-bubble flotation column and other specifications flotation cell. We can provide variety choice for customers, and its quality and service is the best. Xinhai is the best choice of flotation cells.



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