How to Solve the Problem of Overtemperature in Raymond Mill

2018-03-03 Xinhai Views (1802)

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Raymond mill is the most common grinding equipment in the grinding industries, which is suitable to handle various non-flammable and explosive mineral materials with below 9.3 the Moh's hardness and below 6% humidity. In some cases, high temperature may occur in the process of Raymond mill, and a lot of people don't know how to solve this problem. Then, Xinhai will explain how to solve the problem of overtemperature of Raymond mill.

In the face of the high-temperature situation of Raymond mill, we need to find out the cause of the high temperature first, and then take measures.

xinhai raymond mill

1. The reason why temperature is too high in the Raymond mill is that a lot of friction and pressure are required to grind the materials, so how to reduce the friction is the most important thing. Xinhai suggests that users should add high-performance lubricating oil on bearings and grinding rollers, which not only solves the problem of friction generates heat, but also increases the flexibility of various parts, improves the production ability of Raymond mill.

2. Pay attention to the ventilation. Users can remove external air in the dust removal position, so that external air flow can achieve convection with internal airflow, so as to reduce the indoor temperature gradually. If necessary, high power exhaust fan can be installed for indoor cooling.

3. High wind pressure causes fan heat, then makes the fan temperature become too high. In the process of Raymond mill operation, unconscious touch may cause the change of wind pressure. When the fan temperature is too high, it will seriously affect the normal operation of Raymond mill. Therefore, please to avoid this kind of case during the operation of Raymond mill.

4. Equipment itself, such as the poor quality of Raymond mill, which requires users to carefully select high-quality equipment when purchasing, such as Xinhai Raymond mill.

In fact, the daily maintenance is also crucial, so Xinhai recommends that users should maintain the Raymond mill regularly to extend its service life.

Xinhai specializes in the production of Raymond mill for more than 20 years, constantly introduces advanced technology at home and abroad, and improves the development of Raymond mill, and strives to provide the best Raymond mill equipment for customers.



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