Common Models of Large Ball Mill in China

2015-10-13 Xinhai Views (1233)

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With the rapid development of the society, the human is in a great demand of natural resource.So as to the ball mill. High-grade ore is decreasing every year, so human being will confront some problems in mining processing, such as low-grade ore, fine particles, and complex paragenetic relationship. This problem will increase the cost to process ore. Enterprise should attach great importance to cutting processing cost because it is of much concern to the development and survival of the enterprise.

Grinding is the most important stage in the separation process because the appropriate grinding particle size is critical to effective and full separation work. However, grinding equipment is the most expensive equipment in the mining process. Large scale ball mill is a tendency in the future, some common modes are MQG4560 (XINHAI), overflow ball mill of 5.49*8.8,7.32*10.68 (CITIC HIC), MQY5588 ( NHI).

large ball mill

Recently, mine plant scale is expanding every year. It means we demand a ball mill which has a higher capacity. Large scale ball mill could meet this need. First of all, large scale ball mill could decrease the numbers of the ordinary ball mill which will simplify the mining process and ease the maintenance work and management; then, large scale ball mill has a higher capacity to meet the demand of the large mine; and the large scale ball mill is good for the automation control and maintenance. So the large scale ball mill is the tendency in future.



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