How to Select Ore Flotation Machine?

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Flotation machine, as the main equipment used in the flotation process, should have the properties of continuous operation, reliability, low power consumption, wear resistance, structural structure, etc., and should also have the functions of aeration, stirring, adjustment, etc. There are many types of flotation machines used in production. According to their different inflation methods, flotation machines can be divided into two categories: mechanical stirring type and compressed air type. The mechanical agitation flotation machine mainly uses the rapid rotation of the impeller to stir the slurry, and uses negative pressure to inhale external air from the bottom of the tank to aerate the slurry. The compressed air flotation machine does not have a mechanical stirring device. The aerator installed at the bottom of the tank will introduce pressurized air to aerate and stir the slurry. In addition to these two flotation machines, flotation equipment also includes rod flotation machines, flotation columns, etc. The following will introduce you to the types and characteristics of flotation machines commonly used in the ore beneficiation process.


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01Impeller agitation flotation machine

The impeller agitation flotation machine mainly uses an impeller with radial blades for stirring and aeration. It has a large aeration volume, large production capacity, and easy maintenance. Compared with the flotation column, the impeller agitation flotation machine has strong stirring ability and low chemical consumption. The impeller agitation flotation machine can be used in complex separation processes. It has a wide range of adaptability and can handle coarse particles with high density. Its mineral separation indicators are stable.

02Rod type flotation machine

Compared with mechanical agitation flotation machines, rod flotation machines have faster flotation speed, high efficiency and strong adaptability. When the rod-type flotation machine is used in mixed flotation, it has a large processing capacity per unit volume and a high separation index. It can be applied to the recovery of coarse and fine grade ores. When recovering minerals with high density and coarse particle size, the rod flotation machine can overcome the sedimentation phenomenon that occurs in other flotation opportunities and obtain higher flotation indicators. The rod-type flotation machine has a shallow tank body, strong stirring ability, large aeration volume, and low power consumption.

03Flotation column

The flotation column is mainly composed of a column and an inflatable device. It is a deep tank pressure air flotation machine with a simple structure. It can be used to process non-ferrous metal sulfide minerals, gold-containing sulfide minerals, iron ore, phosphate rock fluorite ore and other non-metallic minerals. Compared with mechanical agitation flotation machines, flotation columns have the advantages of simple structure, small floor space, and low infrastructure costs. The flotation column has a large processing capacity and a large ore beneficiation and enrichment ratio. When applied to gold ore beneficiation, flotation columns can improve the recovery rate of gold concentrate. Because the flotation column has a relatively calm slurry liquid phase, the effect of the selective collector can be improved.


04Foam flotation machine

The ore feeding process of the foam flotation machine is not into the slurry area, but introduced into the foam bed from the top. The foam flotation machine is mainly used to flotate mineral particles with larger particle sizes. At the same speed, compared with other flotation machines, the foam flotation machine has a high processing capacity, low cost and low energy consumption. Since it can handle coarse-grained minerals, the grinding and dehydration costs during the mineral processing process are greatly reduced. Contrary to the pneumatic flotation machine, it can change the relationship between recovery rate and flotation time, that is, when the residence time increases, the concentrate recovery rate decreases but the taste increases.

05Flash flotation machine

Flash flotation machine is of great significance for the beneficiation of gold mines, especially in flotation plants where the tailings have not been cyanide leached. Because of the high density of gold and other gold minerals, they circulate continuously in the grinding and classification circuit until the particle size is fine enough before they are discharged from the cyclone classifier. Gold ore particles are the same as other minerals, when the particle size is fine, the flotation effect is not ideal. If a flash flotation machine is installed in the flotation circuit, these monomeric golds can be recovered, and the flotation speed is fast and the amount of chemicals added is small. When using a flash flotation machine, the control of the foam layer is very important, because when the load of the foam layer is high and the concentrate particle size is coarse, the stability of the foam will be affected to a certain extent, thereby affecting the flotation effect.

The above are the types of flotation machines commonly used in the ore flotation process. Specific equipment selection and process settings should consider the characteristics of the mineral and production costs. Do not choose equipment blindly, causing unnecessary economic losses and waste of resources. Xinhai Mining recommends choosing a reliable flotation machine manufacturer and conducting mineral processing tests to ensure that on the premise of understanding the characteristics of the ore, a suitable and reliable flotation machine can be selected based on the budget to improve production efficiency and economic benefits.



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