Shandong 1 million TPA Zirconium-Titanium Mine Project

2024-05-29 XinHai Views (87)

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The original ore composition of Shandong 1 million TPA zircon-titanium ore project is complex, and the original process flow is relatively simple, only recovering titanium and zirconium. In addition, the intermediate products produced in the production have nowhere to be placed, resulting in a dirty and messy production environment. The customer hopes that Xinhai Mining can help it achieve two goals: one is to comprehensively recycle all kinds of recyclable minerals to achieve no tailing discharge. The other is to finely process each recyclable product to maximize the added value of each product.

Xinhai solution: scrubbing and desliming of raw ore - wet magnetic separation of titanium ore - classification of tailings from magnetic separation - particle size classification gravity separation - electrostatic separation - wastewater treatment.

Five highlights of Shandong zircon-titanium ore project

1. 100% comprehensive recycling: 15 kinds of useful minerals are accurately recycled, and there is no tailing discharge!

2. Automation and intelligence: The centralized control rooms at the workshop and plant levels are planned and designed to improve the production automation and intelligence level of the ore dressing plant.

3. Intensive environmental-friendly design: With intensive design, the modern new steel structure plant is fast to construct, occupies less space, saves investment, and has beautiful appearance. Water treatment, material transportation, dust and noise all adopt high-standard environmental-friendly design, which is green and low-carbon.

4. High-standard environmental-friendly design:

Xinhai Mining has designed a centralized wastewater treatment system for the dressing plant to achieve zero emissions. All raw ores and intermediate products are placed in the storage bin, and shovels and forklifts are removed to the maximum extent to achieve continuous automated production of the entire dressing plant.

Xinhai Mining has added advanced devices such as dust collectors, dust hoods, mufflers, shock pads, and sound insulation covers to the equipment to ensure that the workshop meets the environmental protection standards of low dust and low noise.

5. Innovative 3D design:

Xinhai Mining Design Institute provided innovative 3D design for this project, allowing customers to view the real effect of the concentrator after completion in advance, making it easier for customers to grasp the overall planning of the project.

Xinhai Mining Shandong 1 million TPA zircon-titanium ore project has been successfully put into production and is running smoothly. The innovative process design accurately recovers 15 kinds of useful minerals, achieving no tailings discharge! The project breaks through the limitations of the old domestic mineral processing methods and builds the first large-scale, automated, zero-emission zircon-titanium ore processing plant in China. By the end of 2023, Xinhai Mining has successively taken over 5 zircon-titanium ore projects in Guangxi, Hainan, Guangdong, Jiangsu and other places.




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