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Qinghai 450tpd Gold Processing Plant Project

The project originally had a 300t/d gold processing plant. The type of ore in the mining area was (broken) altered rock type. The main metal minerals in the ore were pyrite and arsenopyrite, and the main non-metallic minerals were quartz, sericite, graphite, etc. The ore contains harmful impurities such as arsenic, carbon, and sulfur, and gold existed in the form of fine particle inclusions. The ore was a refractory gold ore.

Xinhai Solution

  • 01

    Grinding and beneficiation stage: it adopted the process of stage grinding and stage beneficiation (two roughing, three scavenging, and three cleaning). After the first stage of grinding, the product entered the first roughing operation; the roughing tailings entered the regrind process.  The reground and classified product entered the second roughing and three scavenging system, and concentrate after the two roughing entered the three cleaning operation. The final grinding fineness was -200 mesh 78%.

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    Concentrate dewatering stage: After one concentration and one filter press operation, the final gold concentrate contained about 15% water.

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    Tailings treatment: flotation tailings were pumped to the tailings pond.

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    Return water part: The return water of the concentrator consists of two parts, one was the overflow water of the gold concentrate thickener, and the other was the return water of the tailings pond. All the return water was used by the return pool to return to the system.

Project Result

The gold concentrate yield of this project was 10.59%, the grade was 30.44g/t, and the recovery rate was 83.74%.

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