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Gold processing test project in Congo

Entrusted by this company, Yantai Xinhai Mining Research & Design Co., Ltd. has undertaken the task of processing test research for the Douze Match gold mine in Congo (Golden), the purpose of which is to determine the best process flow and the best possible process indicators for the ore.

Xinhai Solution

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    Raw ore leaching process: Raw ore leachingtest: Raw ore grinding, grinding fineness of -200 mesh 85%, using calcium oxideas protective alkali, the dosage is 5kg/t; when using non-cyanide leachingagent as leaching agent, the dosage is 3.5kg/ t. The gold leaching time is 24h,and the gold leaching rate can reach 92.37%.

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    Raw ore filter heap leaching process: rawore filtering heap leaching cyanidation (leaching) test: raw ore filtering heapleaching time is 504(21×24 )h, cement dosage is 3% (ore weight), the dosage of non-cyanideleaching agent is 2.5kg/t, calcium oxide dosage is 3.5kg/t, the gold leachingrate can reach 77.12%. The infiltration effect was good during heap leaching.

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