Energy Saving Ball Mill: Save Your Money

2015-08-13 Xinhai Views (1505)

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Nowadays the main theme of world development is recycling economy with saving energy and reducing energy consumption. For mine processing, an important method to keep sustainable development is to reduceenergy consumption and improving the mill efficiency. Xinhai Mining Machinery Co.,LTD. keeps paces with the times and produces many types of ball mill, and creating rich benefits for customer. The following will give some details about this aspect.

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011.Convenient Operation and Reformed Technique

Adopting the roll bearing does not only produce new energy-saving ball mill but also reform the current machine in the aspect of saving energy.In this process, we just need to exchange the axle-bearing, add seals, movable bearing and bearing bush.

022.High Safety and Reliability 

As the energy saving ball mill working, we can use one bearing in a long time, which largely reduce the workload of daily maintenance

033.Less Equipment and Workers

Energy saving ball mill can work constantly and normally for a long time, which can save a lot of manpower and material resources.

044.Notable Energy Saving Effect

After reforming the ball mill, the amount of electricity can be saved over 15% and the lubricating oil can be saved more than 70%, then the overall energy saving is over 15%.

055.Obvious Benefits

Having adapted the energy saving ball mill of Xinhai in one processing plant proves that many spending have been saved, for instance, the cost of lubricating oil only reaches 12,000 RMB, which saved 28,000 RMB compared priority, and the maintenance is reduced to around 800 RMB from 80,000 RMB, the energy-saving ball mill obviously saved a lot for their customers.



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