Xinhai Thickeners brand: What You Need is What We Can Do

2015-09-06 Xinhai Views (1526)

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With the development of science and technology, more and  more equipment manufacturers are beginning to produce thickeners. Although  there are multiple kinds of thickeners’ brands nowadays, Yantai Xinhai Mining  Machinery Co., Ltd has been regarded as outstanding thickeners’ manufacturer.  Xinhai supplies thickeners with various types and complete specifications,  which are mainly divided into peripheral transmission thickeners, center hydraumatic  transmission thickeners, inclined-plate thickeners, deep-cone thickeners,  washing thickeners and high-efficiency thickeners researched and developed  independently by Xinhai. Here we will give you a brief introduction of  high-efficiency deep-cone thickeners.

An excellent thickener brand needs to meet two basic  indicators: good equipment quality and innovation. High-efficiency deep-cone  thickener is the product of Xinhai’s dependent innovation. Apart from the basic  high-efficiency thickeners’ features, deep-cone is its another obvious  characteristic. High-efficiency thickeners are mainly composed by deep-cone,  feeding device, agent feeder, agitation device and auto-control system. They  are mainly used for high concentration enrichment of concentrates and tailings  in wet ore dressing process, with underflow density up to 300-800g/L and overflow  water meeting the international emission standards. Xinhai’ high-efficiency  deep-cone thickeners can be also used for the concentration of other tiny  particles and low density slurry as well as the treatment of waste water except  ore dressing industry.

What sets Xinhai thickeners’ brand apart is the  auto-control device of high-efficiency deep-cone thickeners. This auto-control  system can automatically supervise the flocbed’s height of the thickener and  can control underflow pump’s rotary speed accordingly to keep flocbed at  constant state. Meanwhile, Xinhai high efficiency deep cone thickeners can work  by frequency converter control as well as linearity control.

Customers choose Xinhai’s thickeners among so many  thickeners’ brands totally out of their trusts and credit to Xinhai. Xinhai has  been always committed to its service tenet: What You Need, Is What We Can Do! Xinhai  attaches much importance to innovation of its thickeners’ brand and dedicates to  make modern mining enterprises with rich profits with heart and soul.



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