Principles of Center Transmission Thickening Scraper

2015-09-08 Xinhai Views (1441)

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The rake-type thickener is widely used in mining, metallurgy, sewage treatment, chemical industry. It has the weakness of large cover and big size. While it has the strengths of large capacity, high concentration and energy-saving. With wide usage, rake-type thickener is mainly composed of thickening tank and rake-type mud scraper. Here is a brief introduction of center transmission thickening scraper.

Such scraper is the main part of the thickener during the discharging operation. It is usually composed of the work accessory bridge, motor and reduction gear transmission, center transmission shaft, wiper arm, a blade, thickening gridlines, underwater bearings and fixed parts. Generally in order to guarantee the normal operation of such scraper by fixing the motor pool in the center of the thickener to drive the gear driving the slewing bearings of outer ring. So the driving bearing can drive the rotation of the rake. With the common cone design setting the scraper in an angle of 8 ° ~ 15 °with the horizon in the bottom of the thickener, the slime is discharged by the cross-shaped scraper goes from outside to inside. The supporting modes of the center transmission thickening scraper includes center transmission with middle hanger and the center transmission with the peripheral hangers. The former one with the scraper hanging on the truss frame and packeted bridge structure, simple installation, is mainly for thickener less than 18m. The latter one supported by the center vertical axis is mainly for thickener bigger than 18m. In order to avoid the damage from overloads, the security alarm device is installed. According to the different overload conditions, this device will lift the rake or cut the safety pin to protect the thickening scraper.

Recently with the development of technology, thickening scraper becomes more and more various. The picture above is hydraulic center transmission thickener made by Xinhai Mining Machinery Company. Continuous working, automatic rake lifter and automatic control system make the operation easier and more flexible.



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