Xinhai Mining at Xinjiang International Mining and Equipment Expo 2023

2023-07-21 Xinhai Views (628)

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From July 18th to 20th, the "Silk Road Mining Cooperation Forum and the 13th Xinjiang International Mining and Equipment Expo were held in Xinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center. The conference aimed to promote the construction of mining industry clusters and smart mines, and improve the safety level of mines. Xinhai Mining attended the exhibition with "Turn-key Service for Mineral Processing Plant (EPC+M+O)". Deputy General Manager Ding Hui was invited to the conference to deliver a keynote speech on "Green & Intelligent Mine Design Experience for Concentrators", and the guests on site responded enthusiastically!



(Ehibition Site)


(Deputy General Manager Ding Hui delivered the speech)

Use the table of contents below to navigate through the guide:

01Customized Solution for Mineral Processing Plant

Xinhai Mining has been committed to providing customers with customized "Turn-key Service for Mineral Processing Plant (EPC+M+O)", a one-stop integrated solution for smart mines according to each mine's geographical location and ore characteristics. During the construction of the mineral processing plant, it insists on forward-looking and open-minded thinking in mine design, and improves the benefits of mining enterprises to achieve sustainable development as much as possible!


(Xinhai Mining's 3D concentrator picture)

02Comprehensive Utilization of Minerals

Xinhai Mining adopts innovative thinking to formulate comprehensive mineral recovery technical solutions, continuously improves the technology in the mineral beneficiation test and processing plant design, increases the working efficiency of the mineral dressing process to improve the comprehensive utilization rate of minerals! All waste gas, waste water and waste residues involved in the production process have taken corresponding measures to achieve zero discharge and not pollute the environment!


(Design of a zirconium-titanium ore green beneficiation plant by Xinhai Mining)

03Focus on Staffs' Security

1. For beneficiation process and production

(1) All the operating parts of the equipment are equipped with a protective cover

(2) Set up a fire protection system

(3) Plan the safe passage for employees to escape in distress, etc.

2. For designing plant areas

(1) Separation of people and vehicles to ensure the safety of workers in plant

(2) Set up traffic lights and signs on main roads, and carry out corresponding control according to the situation of vehicles in the plant.

3. Ground weigher

While setting the automatic metering of the vehicle, set the automatic lifting crossbar and traffic lights to solve the problem of blind spots in the process of vehicle forward and reverse.

With the continuous implementation of the "carbon peak" and "carbon neutrality" actions in the mining industry, the entire mining industry is actively promoting the construction of smart mines. For the development of mines in the future, Xinhai Mining believes that it is necessary to use forward-looking thinking and innovative thinking to realize the rational utilization of mineral resources. It should adhere to the "people-oriented" development concept, through the design of high-standard environmental protection and safety, use innovative recycling technology, mineral comprehensive recycling and other measures to reduce carbon emissions and achieve green and sustainable development of modern mines!



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