Zhang Yunlong awarded "2016 National Excellent CIO"

2017-06-28 Xinhai Views (1305)

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Recently, chairman of Xinhai Zhang Yunlong was successively awarded "2016 National Excellent CIO" and "2016" Shandong Excellent CIO", it was not only the high recognition Xinhai electronic commerce development for years, but also was a sign that Xinhai will make more contribution for manufacturing industry Internet transformation and local economy development at a higher stage.


Certificate issued by China Chief Information Officer Union


Certificate issued by Shandong Chief Information Officer Union

Since 2012, under the leadership of Chairman Zhang Yunlong, Xinhai resisted mining sluggish pressure in the world, and firstly attempted Internet transformation in mining manufacturing industry, actively used the Internet to expand overseas market, finally maintained a good growth and development situation in the gloomy situation.

With the development of Xinhai e-commerce team, Zhang Yunlong also had a new idea: in the process of e-commerce development for years, Xinhai not only achieved fruitful business results, but also accumulated valuable transformation experience. As the pioneer of Internet transformation of heavy industry manufacturing, Xinhai should take more responsibility initiatively, share transformation experience with the local industrial enterprise, and help them finish the Internet transformation, thus promote regional industrial upgrading and economic development.

Combined with Xinhai experience, Zhang Yunlong summed up the main problems in the process of Internet transformation of heavy industry manufacturing enterprises as three aspects:

First, recognize the business thinking of information age. The information age is based on informatization and intelligence, who not provide new ideas and new models, but new methods, new tools, and new work habits. For heavy industry manufacturing enterprises, the core work of information age is still research and development, production, marketing and management, and the essence of the Internet transformation is using informatization and intelligence two new tools, then improving enterprise's research and development, production, marketing and management. This is the business mind of information age manufacturing industry, neither need flashy "mode innovation", or endless media hype and capital competition.

Second, learn and master new tools. Reviewing the past two decades, the information age has brought a lot of new methods and new tools for heavy industry manufacturing enterprises, which profoundly changed the work methods and habits: in research and development, simulation software and data computing has brought many surprising results; In production, sensors and intelligent terminal technologies led Things revolution; In marketing, there were new marketing channels brought by search engines, B2B and SNS, and also more flexible displays, like 3D, VR and mobile devices; in management, ERP, SCM, CRM has brought more convenience, big data analysis provided accurate basis for more strategic decision. It is true that learning and mastering so many new tools requires a lot of money and human input, but every investment is worth it.

Third, establish the enterprise system that meet time requirement. As the above mentioned, the core of enterprise in the information age is still research and development, production, marketing and management. To ensure the stable operation of these links, we must establish a set of enterprise system that keep up with the time requirement. As is known to all, the core business and work method determines the internal operation process of enterprise, the process requires corresponding organization structure and team to perform, and team action need to regulate by system, therefore, although new methods and new tools are widely used today, we need to improve the process, team and system pointedly.

For a lot of heavy industry manufacturing enterprise, these three questions were never thought before, the enterprise need to make up mind and try it, so the difficulty can be imagined. That is why Xinhai hope to carry on in-depth exchanges and cooperation with more companies, share them with Xinhai Internet transformation experience that accumulated for the past five years, and help enterprises quickly and smoothly finish the Internet transformation.

We believe that with the help of the Xinhai people, Xinhai will shoulder the responsibility of "National Excellent CIO", not only make more progress, but also make more contribution for Yantai regional manufacturing Internet transformation and local economy development.



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