How Xinhai Develop the Overseas Mining Investment at a Right Reson?

2018-11-09 Xinhai Views (1719)

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In the past two decades, the amount of overseas mineral investment by Chinese enterprises has been increased gradually, especially in the field of mineral exploration and development. Undoubtedly, the construction of "One Belt And One Road" brought new opportunities for overseas mineral investment.

Despite the global economic slowdown and the mining market depress, many ming companies are looking to overseas mining investment and hoping this "fat" may help them get out of the doldrums.

Since 2012, Xinhai has gradually followed the construction of "One Belt And One Road" to develop overseas market. While it encountered a period of decline after the mining peak in 2012, Xinhai still firmly believed that it would usher a new booster by relying on its high-quality mineral processing equipment.

Therefore, Xinhai developed new ideas, researched new mineral processing technology and investigated the situations of local civil engineering, personnel allocation, technical services, then defined Xinhai overseas mining investment system. Zhang Yunlong, chairman of Xinhai, also said, the overseas mining development must not follow the domestic thinking or copy the domestic mineral processing plans. The situations of mineral resources at abroad were totally different from those at home, such as ore properties, construction conditions, materials prices. So, each mine need to be customized according to multiple factors.

Now, Xinhai has successfully opened its overseas markets and established overseas offices in several countries in just two years by relying on its own system – mineral processing EPC service. Under the sluggish mining market, Xinhai didn't choose retreat, but face the difficulties.

Xinhai told us that that the new road is under your feet. As long as you see the opportunity and seize it, you can make your own way.



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