Xinhai Provides Efforts to Moroccan Secondary Silver Mine

2018-11-06 Xinhai Views (2044)

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Along with the flat expressway in Agadir Morocco to the east, there is Tallouine in Taroudant. Several miles away, the 500 tpd silver processing plant responsible by Xinhai is in the serious and orderly commission and finishing stage.

Even to this day, this silver mine is still the second biggest silver mine after Imiter, and the 14th biggest silver mine in the world. In the old days, this silver mine has produced 234.5kg silver, the purity up to 90%-97%, which surprised the world. Since 1990, the mining has been stopped by the influence of the silver price. The whole mine has been in protected state until 2012. In that year, this silver mine was purchased by M mineral enterprise and built with a 300tpd silver cyanidation plant. The investment was up to 2.2 million in the next four years.

However, M enterprise found that 300tpd silver cyanidation plant was gradually unsuitable for the current processing command with the increasing depth of processing. The capacity couldn't be reached and the silver recovery rate gradually reduced every single year because of the old cyanidation plant, the poor maintaining of the equipment, and unreasonable technological process. Therefore, M mineral enterprise decided to transform and expand it.

Due to the transformation and expansion of the plant, M mineral enterprise has a strict demand on processing equipment, technological process, recovery rate, investment and cost, and other aspects.

On the basis of the ordinary processing plant, new equipment and technology should be purposely added, while current workshop, equipment and basis should be furthest used.

The second party is responsible for the design, manufacture, commission and other services. It is to make sure the technological process smooth, all the equipment running well, and the expected recovery rate could be reached.

In order to get the best effect, factor manager has successively consulted over ten processing plant manufacturers. However, he found that the level of them was unevenness and could hardly balance the cost, target, and financial effect. Some gave the advice to change most of the current equipment and basic installation, which means a large engineering quantity and a long halt-production period. Even some processing plant manufacturers could only provide equipment but helpless with other requirements.

By chances, the manager has found Xinhai and then send this commission to it for the transformation of the processing plant. Although Xinhai is an experienced manufacturer with over 500 projects, it is a cautious decision for Xinhai sending technics to site inspection under the special condition of the processing plant, in order to comprehend the mine resource, construction condition, original plant and other conditions from all aspects. The technics from Xinhai helped clients with the resource information collection and integration on site by day. And they caught up with calculating, analyzing, taking professional advice about the site, design, construction and other problems at night. This site inspection makes the managers know more about Xinhai, and they give a high recognition about Xinhai EPC. Finally, both sides signed the mineral processing EPC contract delightfully, which contained the processing plant design, equipment manufacture, installation and commission, worker training and a series part.

Xinhai mineral research institute had explored the technology flow for the first time, combining the actual condition with a series of transforming demands from the manager. After a comparation of many processing technologies, Xinhai found that the silver recovery rate was the largest in the flotation flow. Since that, Xinhai finally decided to apply the two and a half blocks crushing, two blocks grinding, and flotation flow after the discussion with the manager. The raw ore would be grinded and send to a rough concentration, two three scavenging, and two concentration. The final silver recovery rate is up to 92%.

The crushing, grinding and flotation workshop would be newly built. The granularity of crushing was obviously decreased and so was the load of grinding machine for the new workshop. It was equipped with crushers and vibrating screen into two and a half block considering of the flat mountainous region of the plant. The classification part added sand return auto-lifting device so that the impetus is largely saved. The key part of transformation is the flotation part. Xinhai deployed 4 XCF-8 flotation cells, 6 KYF-8 flotation cells, and 3 SF-2.8 flotation cells as the flotation unit with the best agent proportion.

The thickener, leaching workshop, purifying workshop, replacing workshop, and dewatering workshop were transformed on an ordinary basis. All the original equipment was totally repaired and all the broken elements were replaced, so that the later running could be guaranteed. Besides, this scheme has reduced the production cost by 15%, and 5% lower than the client's expectation.

Now the processing plant is at the end of equipment test-running stage, and will be soon put into normal production. The expected capacity is 500tpd, and the year capacity will be up to 150,000 tons. At the same time, the commission and installation stuff from Xinhai trained the workers in the plant for the theory and operation, which could help the plant to make up its own technical team.

With the development of the Going-out strategy of Xinhai, Xinhai has successively set up three African agencies in Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Sudan. It also carried on commercial conversations with many African mineral enterprises and successfully achieved cooperation intentions. The EPC service involves Africa. Xinhai will as always contribute its own effect to the development of African mine industry in the future.



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