Xinhai is on Your Side and Creates a New Future of Mine Industry --- By the New Year 2019

2019-01-28 Xinhai Views (1546)

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Time goes by

A new year comes

Review and think about the year 2018

What did Xinhai receive and progress?

In 2018

We took every step firmly and fully.

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In 2018,

We vigorously expanded the overseas mineral processing market.

During the 40th year of Opening up and reform policy and the fifth year of One belt and Road, Xinhai promoted it potential on international market in a further stage.

In April, Xinhai successfully signed mineral strategy cooperation agreement with Singapore-listed Goldmine Holdings Limited Company(CNMC), leading the Malaysian mine industry to a higher level.

In October, Xinhai took its effort on the China-Uganda International Energy Cooperation Industrial park phase I project, also contributing its effort for Uganda 2040 foresight Plan and the China-Uganda economy cooperation.


(Xinhai signed strategy cooperation agreement with CNMC)


(Xinhai undertookChina-Uganda International Energy Cooperation Industrial park phase I project)

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In 2018,

We greatly promoted our new mineral processing technologies.

In 2018, Xinhai successfully purchased the Shandong Jiangxin Mine Design Loc, which highly increased the strength of mineral processing technology. At the same time, Xinhai Mine Research and Design Loc. have accomplished over 100 mineral processing tests, and over 30 mine design projects. They made a good basic with sincere and scientific attitude for sales and mineral processing EPC services.


(Xinhai Mineral Research Institute was doing mineral processing test)


(The 3D complete picture of processing plant from Xinhai Mine Design Institute)

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In 2018,

We participated in many large-scale international mining exhibitions.

In 2018, Xinhai took mineral processing EPC to over 10 international mining exhibitions, such as Sudan International Mining Exhibition, Mongolia International Mining Exhibition, Russia International Mining Exhibition, Tanzania International Mining Exhibition, the 123rd Canton Fair, China International Mining Exhibition, which contributed to extend Xinhai global market.

In 2018 China International Mining Exhibition, a lot of new and old friends came to Xinhai for the biggest special assembly hall and Xinhai mineral processing EPC service.

● AI robot Baby Xin interacted with guests from China and abroad, and warmhearted answered mineral processing problems.

● AR interaction was surprising all the time, and leading guests to the mineral processing plant by themselves.

● Four languages explanation, English, French, Russian and Spanish, helping the visitors to know more about mineral technology and equipment.

Xinhai showed its mineral processing strength perfectly through professional mineral processing service and the patient answering, which also strengthen the competitive of Xinhai in international market.


(Xinhai AR interaction mineral processing plant experience)


(The guests consulted mineral processing EPC service with Xinhai)

In 2018,

We contributed ideas and exert efforts for the global mineral development.

In 2018, the Chairman of Xinhai, Mr. Zhang Yunlong, was invited to several international mining conferences and took a speech. He discussed with peers about the global mining problems for now and the future development for future. He put forward the Xinhai solution --- customized mineral processing EPC service, contributing his Chinese wisdom to solving the global mining problems.

July, China's First Mining Trade Conference

October, the 20th China International Mining Exhibition

November, the 9th China-Asean mining cooperation BBS conference

December, the 6th International Mining development Peak BBS


(Mr. Zhang Yunlong was on the First Mining Trade Conference)


(Mr.Zhang Yunlong on the China International Mining Exhibition)

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In 2018,

We received many new mineral processing EPC projects from all over the world.

In 2018, XInhai received over 10 mineral processing EPC orders, and there were also some projects in negotiations. Among them, there are many Xinhai 2018 pointed projects like Uganda phosphate dressing plant project, Morocco sliver dressing plant project, Fuji gold dressing plant project, Pakistan copper dressing plant, Indonesia gold CIP dressing plant and so on.

Till today, we have finished over 500 mineral processing EPC service, and served over 2000 mines. Here salute to every Xinhai people.


(Morocco sliver dressing plant project)


(Indonesia gold ore CIP plant)

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In 2018,

We embraced a grouo of new members.

In July, we have welcomed a group of young friends after 1995. They are young, confident, warmhearted, cautious and conscientious. They contributed their own power and passion on their position. The new power gave Xinhai different energy for different department. Many staffs with years of experiences found their shadow on the new staffs, which makes our company young. Xinhai is full of vibrant because of the young people.


(The group photo of 2018 graduate joining Xinhai)

2018 is a year full of opportunities of us.

"Internet +", "China Manufacture 2025", "One Belt and Road" Propose, "the 40th year of Opening up and reform" policy … Xinhai has welcomed unprecedented development opportunity. Xinhai keeps a more firmly step with "Going out" policy, and contributed its own effort for glooming the global mining industry.

During the new year of 2019, Mr. Zhang, the Chairman of Xinhai, accepted the interview with Yantai Television Station, and reviewed the 20-year development of Xinhai.

He said that, since 1997, Xinhai was established, and take the lead in going on the way providing mine construction turnkey service. To 2012, Xinhai actively reformed and updated by the trend. Xinhai mineral processing EPC service has contained research and design service, equipment manufacturing and purchasing, and commission and delivery into a EPC mode. Xinhai stepped into overseas market through the "Going out" development strategy. Amid at "Internet +" trend, Xinhai deg new market space, and successfully listed on the new third board. Xinhai closely follows the national development strategy plan and actively finding its own way of transform and development, pushing the enterprise into a new stage.


(Mr. Zhang Yunlong, the Chairman of Xinhai, was in the interview)

For 2019, at the beginning, Mr. Zhang Yunlong said that, "No matter international society or the global mine industry, there is a big change all over the world not in the past century Whatever global mine industry changes, Xinhai deeply pushing the Xinhai Scheme. The confidence that conveying correct mine construction idea and method will never change. Xinhai will never change its ambition to provide customized mineral processing EPC service and to forge global mine development destiny community."

Remembering the past, and goodbye 2018

Holding original intention, and hello 2019

In the new year

Xinhai will be on your side

Collude the new global mine development



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