2019 New Force of Xinhai Mining, Nice to Meet You!

2019-07-31 Xinhai Views (1439)

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On July 2019, we meet our new member in Xinhai Mining. They are full of enthusiasm and vitality as the midsummer in July, and becoming the new blood of Xinhai Mining. They have their heart filled with the longing of the future, and keeping the energy. In order to enable new employees to understand corporate culture and product knowledge more quickly, get familiar with the work process and integrate into the team, Xinhai Mining conducted a ten-day induction training for new employees.


The training was filled with rich content, wide coverage in a tight time. From strangers to acquaintances and cooperation, the new employees not only gained new knowledge, but also obtained profound friendship. Now let's follow their training journey in 10 days, witnessing the spirit and mien of this group of young people!


Use the table of contents below to navigate through the guide:

Joy At Meeting, Ice Breaking

We are from different places of China, with who we never met before. We are together in Xinhai and know each other. Busy with ice breaking, we are on the battlefield with the whole team. We know how important team spirit is.


It is a lot to meet each other in the sea of faces. On the morning of July 7th, the new member of Xinhai Mining is together. Confirming the expression in your eyes, you are one of our team members. After a brief introduction and communication, four teams formed. Later, Tight and intense ice-breaking activity made everyone in the team realize the importance of teamwork. Their friendship ties in games and the team connected with everyone more tightly.

The Sword and the Song, Compete with Each Other

Against their standpoints in debating, options full of witty remarks. Cooperation on webpage making, burning the midnight oil and refusing to relax. Which one gets the better? Decision makes on a sand table, clients can be fixed. Winning or losing on PPT, showing the summary and exhibition. Cooperation is the key point.

The training schedule was tight and rich, including basic knowledge and service of mineral processing, debate contests, sand table simulation, webpage production, group PPT presentation, field visit to mineral processing plant and so on, which not only trailed the capacity of everyone, but also the cooperation and communication of the team members. The new forces showed serious and insistence in every competition. Lecturers from all departments, with diverse teaching styles and varied theme patterns, prepared the unique courses for new employees. The new employees listened carefully while taking notes to make it easier for them to warm up after class.


In the debate field, the contestants were not willing to be outdone, who totally showed the passion and vitality of post-95s generation.


For many new employees, web production was a big challenge, but the youth didn't fear the challenge!


Sand table simulation made the new employees rack their brains. Understand the opponent can win; Treat people sincerely can achieve the cooperation.


The group PPT presentation reflected the spirit of each team member. Looking back on the past ten days, the page witnessed the growth of everybody.


Besides, they visited the mineral processing plant on their own, comprehend the usage of mineral processing equipment and feeling the peculiar charm of the mineral processing plant.


(The plant technicians answered the questions for new employees)


(The new employees visited the factory)

Set the Wave, Time for New Journey

It is the beginning when training finishing, and time for them to step on their own journey. Unforgettable, knowledge skill and friendship. Breaking through the winds and waves, trials, self-breakthrough in challenges. Learning never ends in our life, future, Xinhai belongs to everyone.

The short breaking-in changes every new member. They became new professional and cast of the sentimental of graduate in 10 days. They required the knowledge and skill for new processional, and precious friendship more importantly. After training, they will meet new challenges in their positions in a new state. They will show their enthusiasm and vitality on every position, and attain the future of Xinhai Mining with other companions.


(Hello, Xinhai!)

They obtained rapid growth under circumstance of heavy courses and tight time. All their efforts turned into the bright score on the product examination, the brilliant thought collision in the debate and the overcoming of each problem in the team task. Not only did they learn something new, but they gained the precious "war friendship".

Best Team:


In this team, every member supported each other, and learned from each other. They are fighting forward in their youth age. They tried their best and self-breakthrough on the battlefield. Every partner showed their own peculiarity and brought the peculiarities to the team. The team is with infinite possibilities because of them.

Advanced Individual Echo


"I am not the advanced individual so much as the unlimited possibility my team gave me. I never touched debate and webpage making before, which I only tried in my dreams. I hope that I can keep my passionate, and to be a warm-hearted and firm new personal. After training, we will enter our department. One year later, we will be senior of 2019, however something won't change in our minds. We will keep the responsibilities. Because what we will be, what the future of Xinhai Mining will be. There is no limit for the youth. 2019, we are coming!"

Oration of the Chairman of Xinhai Mining


General Secretary Xi Jinping said: "The new age is the age of struggle, and youth is the best age of struggle. The vast majority of young people are both dreamers and dreamers. It takes passion and ideal to pursue dreams, and struggle and dedication to realize them." As youths, you need to cherish the god-given opportunities. You need to be a horn, which will sing the struggle song in the new age. Let youth shrine in struggle and inherit the idea and passionate of Xinhai!



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