Xinhai Mining Conducted Both Resumption of Work and Epidemic Prevention

2020-02-18 Xinhai Views (1870)

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The Spring Festival of 2020 is different from the past. A sudden outbreak of COVID-19 broke the festive mood and touched the hearts of all the people. In a war without fire, the whole nation is united in its determination to win the battle against the epidemic. China is on the way, Xinhai is on the way!

Epidemic prevention, We are on the way

1. Actively donate money to the front line, fulfill responsibilities for the epidemic prevention

On January 31, Xinhai Mining donated RMB 10,000 yuan to the Red Cross society of Fushan district, Yantai, as the special fund for epidemic prevention and control, demonstrating its responsibility with the practical actions.


2. Answer the call to extend the Chinese New Year holiday

Affected by the epidemic situation, according to the epidemic prevention and control requirements issued by the State Council and government departments, Xinhai decided to extended Chinese New Year holiday in 2020 to February 2 (the ninth of the first lunar month) for preventing the spread of disease and safeguarding the lives and health of Xinhai people. Besides, Xinhai immediately started the epidemic emergency plan, which provided the operational work plan for actively and correctly responding to the epidemic situation.


3. Telecommuting for serving the customer

On February 3 (the tenth day of the first lunar month), all Xinhai people welcomed the first day of start-up in a special way. All employees started telecommuting at home, earnestly carry out the service concept of "What you need is what we can do". We ensured online reply timely, phone and email reception smoothly, solve customer problems and meet customer needs timely.


4. Chairman's letter appeases the feeling of Xinhai people

Facing the menacing epidemic and already started in 2020, Xinhai chairman Mr. Yunlong Zhang sent a consolation letter to all the staff on the start day, calling on everyone to obey the government direction for overcoming the epidemic at an early date. Then, Mr. Zhang also introduced the influence of this epidemic on the development of the company in 2020 and the next step development strategy, encouraged everyone to keep the confidence and high morale to work!


Resumption to work, never neglects the prevention

On February 10, Xinhai headquarters ushered in the first day of resumption of production and work. Temperature detection, timing disinfection, wearing masks all day, ventilation...Xinhai adopted a thorough investigation, full staff prevention and control to ensure the safety of every Xinhai people, achieve the epidemic prevention and resumption of work!

1. Wear a face mask in and out + measure the temperature to prevent the epidemic

The epidemic is the command, the prevention and control are the responsibility. Xinahi called on party members to charge ahead and took the responsibility of four times of taking temperature, disinfection and duty work at the company gate. In order to ensure the safety of all employees of Xinhai, each employee shall wear a mask before entering the company, sign in, pass the temperature test and the whole-body disinfection before entering the company, and all employees shall wear a mask all day in the company.


2. Strengthen the protection publicity and popularize the protection strategy

Xinhai carried out a series of publicity with concise and vivid banners and propaganda pictures, and posted the warm tips of epidemic prevention and control, health knowledge in obvious areas, such as entrance, closed peripheral areas, public areas, bulletin boards, etc., so as to improve employees' awareness of epidemic prevention and strengthen self-prevention and control.


3. Materials in place for hygiene protection

During the period, Xinhai provided all employees with free anti-epidemic materials, including masks, disinfectants and temperature detectors, to ensure that enough supplies and returned to work smoothly. Besides, Xinhai carried on disinfection for the whole factory strictly in accordance with the standards, timely eliminated the health corners.


4. Open windows for ventilation and adhere to personal protection

Open the window for ventilation at least 3 times a day for 20-30 minutes each time. When outdoor air quality is poor, reduce ventilation frequency and time.


Wash the hands frequently. Wash the hands with soap or hand sanitizer by the running water. Wipe the hands with a disposable paper towel or clean towel. And wash hands immediately after touching respiratory secretions, such as sneezing.


5. Strictly control the canteen catering

To avoid too crowded and droplet infection when repast personnel, Xinhai provided free meals and carry on the thorough disinfection. At the same time, Xinhai arranged the meal based on the principles of "interval dining, off-peak dining", used the planks as the partition wall, ensuring the safety of the dining and reducing the risk of cross-infection.


For the staff from other provinces and cities during the holiday, Xinhai arranged the temporary isolation measures of 1 person and 1 room, and reported the daily healthy condition. The staff from other provinces and cities must be isolated for 14 days, and their food is delivered by the specially-assigned person.


6. Work and Production safety

At present, all departments of Xinhai Mining have entered the state of orderly work. In the office area, all staff wear masks and keep a safe distance. The meeting will be taken in the form of network meeting.


In the production site, each production staff must wear masks around the clock, and the factory is disinfected regularly.


After the Spring Festival Holiday, the first batch of overseas installation and commissioning personnel has been assembled and headed to the front line of the Zimbabwe mineral processing plant.


7. Inspect the epidemic prevention and control for winning the outbreak blocking action

During the period, the leaders of the district party committee went to Xinhai Mining to conduct supervision and inspection on the company's epidemic prevention and control work. Leaders of the district party committee pointed out that the current epidemic prevention and control was in a very critical period. Don't slack off in epidemic prevention and control, follow up the implementation of the government's epidemic prevention and control deployment. While effectively doing a good job in the epidemic prevention and control work, the company's operations shall be paid much attention.


Go Hubei! Go China!

The cold won't last long,

The spring breeze is on its way.

Everything will start over.

With confidence,

We will finally usher in the spring blossoms!



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