Xinhai Mining High-End Manufacturing Strength Boosts the Development of the Entire Mining Industry Chain

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Xinhai Mining Intelligent High-End Equipment Production Center has a total factory area of 45,080㎡, covering the entire production system process such as machinery research and development, equipment manufacturing, quality inspection and control, warehousing and logistics, and after-sales service. It is an important support for Xinhai Mining EPCM+O service!

Aerial photo of Xinhai Mining Intelligent High-end Equipment Production Center

(Aerial photo of Xinhai Mining Intelligent High-end Equipment Production Center)

Xinhai Mining Intelligent High-End Equipment Production Center is built using industrial Internet and IoT technologies. It is the leading factory in China with full coverage of 5G IoT. It realizes the combination of traditional manufacturing and modern digital production and further enhances Xinhai Mining innovative research and development ability and mining service capabilities to promote the development of Xinhai Mining in the field of modern, high-end and intelligent mining services.

Inside the production centerInside the production center

Inside the production centerInside the production center

(Inside the production center)

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01Upgrade and manufacture high-end equipment

Xinhai Mining Intelligent High-end Equipment Production Center has strong equipment manufacturing capabilities and can produce large mining machinery such as ball mills with a barrel diameter of less than 7.5 meters. The first-phase factory building is 17.5 meters high and is mainly used for the production and warehousing of conventional large and medium-sized equipment. The second-phase factory building is 27.4 meters high and is mainly used for the production and warehousing of ultra-large equipment.

High-end production equipmentHigh-end production equipment

High-end production equipmentHigh-end production equipment

(High-end production equipment)

The manufacturing workshop is equipped with more than 40 cranes of different specifications such as 200 tons and 100 tons, a 100-ton CNC floor-standing milling and boring machine, an 8-meter CNC double-column vertical lathe, a top-roller universal plate rolling machine (maximum plate rolling thickness 50mm), and 20,000W laser cutting machines and hundreds of high-efficiency equipment. It can provide a full set of main and auxiliary equipment for mining production of less than 50,000 tons/day, covering more than 1,000 products used in all aspects of mining, dressing and smelting. Xinhai Mining Intelligent High-End Equipment Manufacturing Workshop has realized intelligent, digital production and management, and further enhanced Xinhai Mining's strength and competitiveness in product manufacturing through new manufacturing models.

02Quality mining equipment from Xinhai with excellent performance

Xinhai Mining Certification Qualification

(Xinhai Mining Certification Qualification)

Xinhai Mining has multiple international quality certification qualifications, and has passed ISO 9001:2015 international quality management system certification, EU CE certification, intellectual property management system certification, high-tech enterprise certification, ISO 14001:2015 environmental management system and ISO 45001: 2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification, product quality is manufactured in accordance with international standards. For developed countries such as Australia, Canada, the United States, and South America, as well as customers with high requirements, the motors, reducers, bearings and electrical components supplied by Xinhai Mining Machinery Design and Research Institute are all from internationally renowned brands.

03Efficient equipment delivery logistics service

equipment deliveryequipment delivery

Xinhai has a complete packaging and shipping management system and has the ability to ship hundreds of millions pieces of equipment for large-scale projects. The 2 million TPA lithium mine project in Zimbabwe alone has produced and shipped a total of 170 million pieces of equipment and spare parts. Xinhai focuses on equipment packaging design and implementation, loading and shipping planning. Use waterproof wrapping, stretch film, pallets, wooden boxes and other forms to avoid possible collision, wear, corrosion and other damage during transportation. Reasonable space design and cargo unloading design reduce transportation and unloading costs. Use serial numbers and instructions Management system can ensure complete equipment and spare parts and reduce the difficulty of equipment installation.

Xinhai Mining Intelligent High-End Equipment Production Center is an important milestone in the development of Xinhai Mining. It not only injects strong momentum into Xinhai Mining equipment production and manufacturing, but also provides Xinhai Mining EPCM+O mode a solid guarantee! In the future, Xinhai Mining will continue to uphold innovative thinking, use cutting-edge technology to continuously improve its core competitiveness, assist the high-end transformation and upgrading of the industrial structure, and promote high-quality development of the mining industry!



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