Ways to Improve Magnetite Particles

2015-10-20 Xinhai Views (1306)

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With the continuous increase of the energy cost, the magnetite beneficiation plants according to their own conditions keep looking for key points of energy saving. During the process of crushinggrindingclassifying, thickening, filtering and materials conveying, how can it ensure that it minimizes the beneficiation cost while reaching the technical specifications of mineral particles at the same time? Here comes the introduction of ways to save energy and increase the mimeral particles for magnetite beneficiation plants.

1. More crushing and less grinding, ensuring that grinding particles are reasonable

Through the production experience, we can see, 60% energy is consumed in the grinding operation during the whole beneficiation process. Among that, 20%-30% is consumed in the crushing process, and 70%-80% is consumed in the grinding process. In the production process, if magnetite beneficiation wants to transform equipment, the key points to achieve energy-saving on the base of ensuring the crushing ability, are to reasonably adjust discharge ports of crushers in each process, fully realize the comprehensive ability of the crushing system and lower the final product particle size in the crushing process, by reducing the pressure of the grinding process and increasing the grinding efficiency and mineral particles to raise the whole capacity of beneficiation plants.

2. By experiment and on-site test, decide reasonable index of dry separation

TThe pre-selection before ore grinding in magnetite beneficiation is an important breakthrough. In order to maximize profits of beneficiation plants, according to the market price and ore particles, it should adjust the dry separation index of the ore before grinding whenever necessary. Firstly, it can adjust the height of material distribution boards in the dry separation, ensuring the tailing proportion meanwhile expelling the non-magnetic ore. Secondly, by adjusting the distance between the dry separation board and magnetic roller, it can ensure the recovery rate of dry separation concentrate. Besides, by adding material layers and flat feeders, trying to make material layers of dry separation thin and uniform, it can guarantee the dry separation effect and improve the particles.

3. Improving the grading parameters of the grinding and classifying, and increasing the grinding efficiency.

Keep the primary grinding concentration between 75% and 82%, and the secondary grinding concentration between 65%-72%. Meanwhile, a reasonable system of adding balls should be made. According to different material particles, the quantity and sizes of balls, as well as an appropriate time of adding balls, should be made.

4. Popularizing new equipment and optimizing the technological process of magnetite beneficiation plants.

Xinhai Machine Design& Research Institute undertakes tasks of equipment research &development, design, and improvement. It has made great progress in studying the energy saving. The energy-saving ball mills it produces have widely received good reputation in the practical application.



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