Do You Know These Gold Processing Machines?

2015-11-13 Xinhai Views (1318)

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Similar to other ores, gold processing machines achieve enrichment after many processes, including being explored, mined, separated and smelted. Therefore, there is little difference in gold processing machines and dressing equipment for other ores. During mining, equipment like hydraulic drilling jumbo, loading trucks, and crushers are needed. On the basis of the grade of the gold ore, subsequent beneficiation flow sheet will be decided. If the objective mineral is somewhat coarse, gravity separating method is feasible and gravity separating machines are used, including chutes, jigs and shaking tables. If the grade of the gold processing machines a little low, cyaniding and leaching is needed. During the leaching process, leaching agitation tank, represented by single impeller agitation tank and double-impeller agitation tank will be used. The single impeller agitation tank, also called axial-flow type leaching agitation tank, is designed and manufactured by China Central Engineering Institute for Nonferrous Metallurgical Industries. It is suitable for the gold leaching-absorption and other operation, usually with relatively bigger density, higher viscosity, faster settling velocity, -200 mess ore particles more than 85% and a slurry density less than 45%.

After leaching process, absorption tank will be applied to recover the gold. Being put into the tank, the particles and activated carbon in ore slurry will be held in a state of suspension under the agitation effect of an impeller. Then, the saturated carbon loaded with gold after absorption is separated by air lifter. With several years of manufacturing gold processing machines experience.

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