How Many Gold Mining Equipment Do You Know?

2015-11-17 Xinhai Views (1618)

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In gold mining plant, various kinds of equipment are needed. For example, gold equipment including as the follows: crushing part needs jaw crusher, hammer crusher, and spring cone crusher; the beneficiation stage needs chute, jig, flotation cell, leaching tank, etc. This gold mining equipment is very common in a plant. Gold ore is different natures decide different Beneficiating ways and variety of mining equipment.

For example, leaching tank and agitated tank are needed in the gold mining leaching operation, and gold ore in this stage has thin disseminated size and many impurities, so it needs leaching way. Leaching agitated tank can be divided into the single impeller and double impeller. The former one is designed by China nonferrous engineering design & research institute and it can also call axial-flow leaching agitated tank. It adapts to gold leaching adsorption that has bigger density, higher viscosity, and sedimentation speed. The ore fineness reaches -200mesh accounted for more than 85%, and the pulp density is less than 45%. After leaching process, the recycle of gold needs the gold mining equipment -adsorption tank. The principle is that after the pulp and activated carbon going into the tank, at the impeller agitation, activated carbon and particle slurry are in the state of suspension in the slot. Saturated gold loaded carbon will be selected by lifting device. This kind of gold mining dressing method can better recover fine particles of gold. Xinhai gold mining equipment is the best because Xinhai developed itself by gold mineral mining, and it has a lot of authority in gold mining. Choosing gold mining equipment, Xinhai is the best.



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