Titano Magnetite Beneficiation with Associated Sulfide Ore

2015-11-20 Xinhai Views (1456)

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Titano magnetite and its associated cobalt-nickel sulfide are the valuable components in vanadium titano-magnetite. In the process of magnetic separation, about 30%-40% titanium and cobalt-nickel enter into iron ore concentrate, and the rest enter into the tailings. Usually, the titano magnetite is recycled in the magnetic tailings. The content of the coarsely graded TiO2 is lower. The content of the medium graded TiO2 is the highest, and its output is the most. The content of the finely graded TiO2 is just above the feeding and the productivity is higher. With the particle grade getting finer, the content of nickel-cobalt gets higher. Next is a brief introduction of the way of titano magnetite beneficiation with associated sulfide ore.

iron ore gravity separating system

The first way for titano magnetite beneficiation is gravity separation. The formula for evaluating how difficult the separation is


From the formula, the separation effect of titano magnetite and plagioclase is better, while the separation effect of titanaugite and chlorite is worse. Therefore, the grade of the iron concentrate by gravity separation is not high. If the grade of the iron concentrate is required above 45%, it will largely reduce the recovery rate. After the 1940s, the flotation is used for titano magnetite beneficiation. Before the titano magnetite beneficiation, it should first have the sulfide minerals floatation. In the flotation process of sulfide minerals, it uses xanthate as the collector, 2# oil as the blowing agent, sulfuric acid or copper sulfate as the modifier. Cobalt and nickel are enriched in the sulfur concentrate and the loss of TiO2 is less. During the flotation process of titano magnetite, the main factors are the collector and the pH of the pulp. The common collector is a fatty acid collector, like oleic acid and its salts, tall oil soap or the mixture of collector and kerosene. Titanium flotation should be processed in the acid medium or the neutral medium, and it can choose oxalic acid, sulfuric acid, and carboxymethyl cellulose as the collector. Titanium flotation can get the high-grade titanium concentrate whose grade of TiO2 is above 47% and the operating recovery rate is above 80%. The effect of flotation is better than that of the gravity.

mineral flotation system in ore dressing plant

As there exist property differences of different titano magnetites, the ways of titano magnetite beneficiation are also different. Xinhai always devotes to providing the leading and useful technology, energy-efficient equipment, and excellent service to customers, and serves customers wholeheartedly to create the modern mining enterprise with substantial benefits.



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