How is Gold Mined and Processed?

2015-11-25 Xinhai Views (1459)

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Gold cyanide tailing of flotation influence factor mainly has the following several points: (1) the formation and the  effect of calcium oxide thin films; (2) cyanide leaching process of gold is a strong oxidizing process, so the cyanide pulp must is a strong alkaline, the best at about 11, and the need to often to the pulp in the inflatable, sometimes even pure oxygen, or add strong oxidizing agent; (3) the cyanide in the cyanide tailings is a specific inhibitor for the flotation of sulfide ore; (4) cyanide in cyanide tailings is an inhibitor of sulfide flotation; (5) a large number of metal ions in the tailings of the cyanide are consumed by the collector; (6) a large amount of salt substance produced during the process of the cyanide process has deteriorated the gold flotation process; (7) a large amount of sludge produced by the fine grinding of the grinding process of the flotation reagent to destroy the flotation selectivity.

In general, the comprehensive recovery process of gold ore tailings flotation should pay attention to the following points:

The main technical points of the  comprehensive recovery of the cyanide tailings are the removal of all kinds of thin films on the surface of the ore, so as to restore the mineral itself.

The use of dispersant is essential in the process of flotation of cyanide tailings, but the dosage must be strictly controlled.

Because of cyanide leaching slag fine granularity pulp than the major, so in floating lead by high concentration and fast flotation have to lead the recovery.

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