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2015-12-10 Xinhai Views (1364)

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It is crucial for enterprises to choose the appropriate gold mining machines and gold mining process. However, domestic manufacturers have a different quality standard, which made the choice of a reliable and good machine a difficult problem.

The gold mining processing machines include crushing, grinding and flotation. Raw ore explored from mine has a bigger particle size, which needs to be crushed to go into the grinding stage among the gold mining process machine, the crusher is the best choice. The rough crushing machine includes jaw crusher and crusher when choosing gold mining process machine, whose crushing proportion is 3 to 4. Raw materials are crushed to about 300mm and then go into the middle crushing. gold mining processing machines used in middle crushing include spring cone crusher and single cylinder cone crusher. The last stage is fine crushing or screening, including cone crushers.

gold mining machines which used to separate gold are mainly used in the process of screening work include circular vibrating screen, self-centering vibrating screen, mineral single cylinder vibrating screen and DZS straight vibrating screen. Raw materials which are crushed to proper particle size will go into the grinding stage of gold mining machines. Grinding machines of gold mining machines include overflow ball mill and grid ball mill. Grid ball mill, with finer particle size, bigger capacity and less over-grinding, are widely used in rough grinding. While overflow ball mill, with fine particle size and less capacity, and high overflow, is commonly used in second grinding or fine grinding. According to the different working way, gold mining machines are mechanical agitation flotation cell, air-inflation mechanical agitation flotation tank in the gold mining stage. Apart from these gold mining machines, there is also electrolytic system.

There are also many gold mining processing machines, such as the trammel screen used for alluvial gold separation and jigger, shaking table and chute. Xinhai, as an early company providing gold mining processing machines, could be a reliable supplier of perfect machine and best service for you.



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