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In the vein gold deposits, there is also a large part of the particles into the monomeric form of free gold, with gold in the joint use of the process in this part of the re-election ahead of election free gold in the technical and economically feasible.

Such gold machine and the gold process is often relatively simple, just use where mineral and gangue minerals proportion purpose different filter. Temporarily not say do not set up a general re-election, jigger, and shaker of gold separator machine; it simply carried out in this gold mine process machines which, early in the development of a chute with a gold machine, represents a fixed chute, which Species can be divided into large chute and small chute. Large Chute of gold separator machine can be applied to the open-air mining field, granular gold process placer is 50 ~ 100mm; small chute is often used in gold mining ship, sorting size of less than 20mm. Our launder technical specifications are small.

When you need to leach gold mine and processing machine will be used in the leaching tank, stirred tank leaching, on behalf of a single impeller and dual impeller stirred tank stirred tank. First is that the single impeller gold process machines, designed by the Chinese colored homes, machine production, also known as axial flow stirred tank leaching for relatively high density, high viscosity, settlement rate, ore fineness – 200 projects accounting for 85%, and the pulp density of less than 45% of the gold leaching adsorption and other work. Xinhai for your dedicated service, to provide you with the best gold process machines.



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