Do you Know the Working Theory of Gold Prospecting Equipment?

2016-02-29 Xinhai Views (1265)

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It is possible to get the free gold with prospecting equipment in advance economically and technologically, which is existed in vein gold deposit and with a bigger particle size of the monomeric form. Commonly, we can use gold prospecting equipment to process it directly, and the gold prospecting equipment is simple as well, the chute is the common equipment.

But for the fine particle size gold, chemical processing, and cyaniding should be used to get gold concentrate, which needed much gold mining equipment. Xinhai is a large gold mining equipment company.

Analysis the process, gold mine should leach first which will use gold leaching equipment-leaching tank, there are two kinds of leaching tank-single impeller and dual-impeller. For the single impeller gold flotation device, designed by China Nonferrous Metal Research Institute, also known as axial flow stirred tank leaching, which suits for gold leaching with relatively high density, high viscosity, settlement rate, and the fineness of -200 mesh ore accounted for more than 85% and the pulp density of less than 45%.

This gold extraction machine, when the impeller is rotated clockwise to do, thrust immersed in the pulp slurry produced for China blade, so that the slurry flows into the upper blade drum loop, loop through the guide vanes along the barrel flows down through the loop when pulp when the bucket into a lateral flow, then along the circulation flow up the tube wall would like to form a closed loop.

This single impeller leaching of gold flotation device has the following advantages:

1.power consumption is small, the axial velocity of large and small radial velocity, drop plate strength, good mixing.

2.impeller is located above the “slurry precipitation zone”, easy start, low power.

3.simple structure inflatable device, inflatable all with sufficient air and slurry mixing. Then by attaching means ducts were collected after leaching. When you choose gold prospecting equipment and gold mining equipment company, please contact us!



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