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2016-03-30 Xinhai Views (1379)

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Iron ore has a wide distribution in nature, and since some of the iron ore has magnetic, so the iron ore mining process mainly applying magnetic separation, flotation separation, and other process solutions. This article is going to tell you the truth of iron ore flotation process.

In the iron ore flotation process, mineral particle size, pulp concentration, flotation reagent system, and other factors will be the elements to influence the iron ore flotation results.

The iron ore particle size can largely affect the crushing and grinding stage, which is mainly to dissipate for useful mineral ore monome and provide appropriate particle size for the iron ore flotation process. Iron ore flotation process is mainly to absorb the iron ore particle size and deliver it to the slurry surface, then the scraper of the flotation cell will scrap the bubbles out. The point is, the flotation bubbles have limited ability, so if the iron ore particle size, processed by the crushing and grinding machines, are too large for the bubbles, the iron ore granules have still remained, that will be a large failure for the iron ore flotation process.

Another factor is the pulp concentration of the iron ore. High concentration has high recovery rate, and lower concentration has relatively lower recovery rate. Except for the factors above, the process order, separation method, the number of cycles, etc. will influence on iron ore flotation process.

Iron ore flotation is a kind of valid process method to get rid of the harmful impurities of Iron ore, in the iron ore production, only to make clear of the influential factors on the iron ore flotation can ensure the recovery rate of the iron ore.Xinhai has professional technicians and advanced technology to overcome the iron ore flotation difficulties, if you have any inquiries about the iron ore flotation, please contact our online service!



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