The Introduction of Gold Mining Machines

2016-03-30 Xinhai Views (1828)

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After gold ore being gravity processed, it will be extracted. So how much do you know about mining machines? the advantages and disadvantages of gold mining machines? This article is going to introduce things about mining machines and gold mining suppliers.

We all know that, for extract gold mine, there is divided into several steps, for different steps, of course, need different gold mining machines and gold mining process.

First of all, for the cyanide used in mining machines, including stirred tank leaching, which in turn are divided into single leaf and double leaf two, concentrated washing machine, washing machine also includes a concentrated two, three and four of these three types of , specialized filtration machines and major deoxy tower, zinc feeder and pickling tanks and other machines of machines cyanidation plant is mainly used for cyanide gold extraction process, which is a modern extracted from ore or concentrate in gold methods cyanide gold extraction including cyanide leaching, the leaching pulp washing filter, liquid cyanide gold extraction and smelting step.

Secondly, gold extraction machines of mining machines, for the CIP plant machines, including adsorption tank, special screening machines, which has ZS Linear shaker and DZSP- (IV) electric shaker, LXS spiral sieve three types mentioned carbon pump, desorption column and desorption of carbon recycling machines and other machines. Among them, mention carbon pump is mainly used to enhance the loaded carbon, making extraction and adsorption procedures normally; desorption column and its function is the interaction of sodium hydroxide solution and loaded carbon will pass into the will to separate gold; desorption carbon regeneration machines will be desorption of carbon regeneration and reuse.

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