How Is Cyanide Used in Gold Mining ?

2016-03-28 Xinhai Views (1486)

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Cyaniding leaching is the most effective and complete gold extraction process. But cyanide is highly toxic substances, environmental pollution, the state strictly prohibited small and middle size plant to cyanide because they are not able to handle environmental pollution. Cyaniding used in gold mining make gold ore occurs in the form of a complex electrochemical corrosion and further into the leaching solution, reuse of activated carbon adsorption of gold leaching solution, and finally get the gold by desorption, such as electrolysis process technology.

Usually, double-impeller leaching tank is the place of cyanide reaction pulp in the drag of the double impeller and stirring, in the center of top-down flow, the surrounding of the damping plate diffusion, at the lower end of the shaft into air and slurry mixing and upward cycle, the formation of uniform suspended liquid mixture. At the same time, pulp in the gold grains occurs cyanation used in gold mining reaction into pulp and adsorption on activated carbon. And mixed with the slurry of gold carbon carrier transport to mention carbon screen screening, sieve filtrate returned to the leaching tank, sieve gold carrying carbon into the buffer storage device carbon tank. loaded gold carbon was sent to the analytical column is generated in an analytic way your solution and desorption carbon, expensive liquid by electrolysis smelting of gold bullion, and carbon desorption by reactivation return recycling leaching, the desorption carbon in adsorption, part of the gold particle in activation operation should pay attention to the recovery. Electrolytic tank in the cyaniding gold choose gold equipment occupies an important position, in which containing precious liquid electrolytic reaction system was gold mud and lean liquid, gold mud by smelting get gold, and a lean solution is returned to the leaching tank.

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