What Kind of Process is Used to Phosphate Hill Mine?

2016-03-25 Xinhai Views (1587)

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Phosphate is widely used in fertilizer, medicine, national defense, food industrial sectors and so on. Phosphate Hill mine history has been more than one hundred years. Therefore, What Kind of process should be used to phosphates hill mine? Phosphate Hill mine can be divided into three processes that are Phosphate Hill mine grinding, Phosphate hill mine beneficiation, Phosphate hill mine dewatering process.

The following is about the crushing process of Phosphate Hill mine. The aim of the ore grinding is separating the fine particle size from other gangue particles to achieve the monomer dissociation of phosphate rock, which is provide a possibility for the later beneficiation process. The ore grinding processes include crushing, screening, grinding, and classification. The conventional phosphate ore crushing process is a closed circuit of every three sections that is an operation of coarse crushing, medium crushing and a section of screening operation.

Then is the ore beneficiation process of Phosphate Hill mine. The aim of the ore beneficiation process is to achieve the enrichment of the phosphate which has achieved the monomer dissociation. Flotation process is usually used in the phosphate ore. Usually, the flotation process includes the Single reverse flotation, positive flotation, flotation (positive and negative), double reverse flotation. Usually, the phosphate rock contains the associated metals such as iron ore which is worth of recovering. At this moment, the magnetic separation can be added to the process to recover the useful associated metal. The common flotation principles are preferential flotation process, mixed flotation process, partial flotation process and equal floating process. For the phosphate with low grade, the mixed flotation process is commonly used: the phosphate ore and the useful minerals can be floated firstly and then they will be separated. This Phosphate Hill mine process method can save the flotation reagent, reduce the flotation cells and lower the flotation costs.

The following is about the dewatering process of Phosphate Hill mine. The aim of the dewatering of ore is making the phosphate ore be easier to storage and transport. Ore dewatering usually involves two processes that are concentration and filtration. The concentration of phosphate usually uses the concentrator and the filtration usually uses the disk filter.

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