Traditional Phosphate Processing Introduction

2016-03-23 Xinhai Views (2132)

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Phosphate processing is the most efficient way for phosphate ore separation, the research always focuses on the phosphate ore processing and flotation reagent. With the development of the phosphate ore processing flotation processing, nowadays we change the focus to the flotation reagent. Low-grade ore processing, separation, and utilization improve the research and development of flotation reagent, especially in flotation collecting agent. Follows are the brief introduction of the phosphate ore processing flotation collecting agent.

Flotation collecting agent is fatty acids collector. We commonly used oleic acid and oil, sodium oxide and oxidized paraffin soap kerosene, tall oil and soap, etc. Fatty acids collector has low price and a wide variety of sources, so it has become widely accepted in the actual production. In order to improve flotation reagent performance and efficiency, Xinhai researchers in two aspects: 1, adopt a specific functional group to produce a new collector. 2, add different pharmaceutical adjuvants to the fatty acid collector to make a new composite agent. According to fatty acids collectors carboxyl groups reaction, the introduced groups could change the polarity of a carboxylic acid molecule to improve the flotation water-soluble and adaptability. For example, the fatty acids oxidated to get sulfated fatty acids, make hydrophilic carboxyl derivatized as more hydrophilic, more polar sulfonic acid groups, change its water solubility, enhanced flotation selectivity and adaptability, while increasing the collector of the cold resistance. Researchers have to make the fatty acid as a functional group and make fatty acid phosphate ore processing by the reaction with phosphate ore processing. Such as alkyl ether phosphate ore processings, it has a better performance against hard water and normal flotation in the flotation processing.

Traditional fatty acids collector has poor selectivity, adaptability and has greater restrictions in the actual promotion processing. The modified fatty acid phosphate ore processing flotation could improve the flotation efficiency.



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