The Research Status of Phosphate Ore Processing

2016-03-25 Xinhai Views (1610)

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In phosphate rock processing, flotation reagent has a decisive role in flotation indexes. In phosphate rock processing, we often use oxidized paraffin soap, Tartu oil fatty acids and their soaps as a collector. But as they have poor selectivity and low phosphate rock processing of hard water and poor adaptability, so from the 1980s, people have developed some of the more effective phosphorus collector at home and abroad.

phosphate rock processing reagent fatty acid derivatives collector. α- substituted acid,( Such as sulfonated sodium palmitate, and other chlorinated naphthenic), fatty acid ester, ( fatty acid polyhydric alcohol monoesters, fatty acid monoglycerides and fatty acid, etc.), multi acid and its esters( dimer fatty acids, sulfonated acid amides and ethyl monooleate)both can get better flotation results than using fatty acid alone.

Fatty acid modified phosphate rock processing reagent product collector. Sulfated fatty, cold resistance and collector resistance, selectivity can be improved. Such as alkyl sulfates polyethylene, LM-25, N-1, O- dialkyl dithiophosphate, TS and other collectors.

Composite collector Flotation agents (flotation + synergist). Research and practice show that together with other types of surfactants in some collector can produce a synergistic effect, thereby improving the performance of the collector. Such as MAT synergist mixed with oxidized paraffin soap, adding BOA collector with Gd703, WO3 and mixing sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate, it can improve the phosphate ore recovery rate.

Flotation reagent Ether amine collector. Reverse flotation with either amine siliceous minerals (such as quartz), etc. in order to improve the grade phosphate concentrate has a better result than a fatty acid collector. Such as R- NH2, ether amine ROCH2CH2CH2NH2, ZP-02, etc.

phosphate rock processing reagent hybrid collectors. using two or more fatty acids and their derivatives, or another pharmaceutical composition forms the collector by a certain percentage has a good result in collecting apatite. Such as octyl phthalate mixed with tall oil, C14-18 mixed fatty scraps mixed with rosin soap.

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