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Phosphate mine mainly means the phosphate mining that can be economically used in industry sector, China has rich phosphate mine with low grade and complicated composition.With the rapid development of Phosphate mine industry, mining technology should be upgraded and the phosphate mine mining cost also need to be cut. Many of our phosphate resources have not been exploited. Xinhai is a Phosphate mining company that strive in such conditions.

Xinhai is one of the earliest and strongest enterprises, now offers a one-stop solution for mine than 500 mines, concentrator has extensive phosphate rock mining construction experience. Xinhai dressing EPC services include: Phosphate mine mineral testing, Phosphate mine engineer design, Phosphate mine equipment manufacturer, Phosphate mine installation; commissioning and Phosphate mine local training. Xinhai is a professional Phosphate mining company that can give you the one-stop integrated Phosphate mine services, with the most professional services thus can provide you phosphate concentrator with high efficiency and energy-saving.

Xinhai has Concentrator Research Institute, Mechanical Design and Research Institute, Institute of wear-resistant rubber, mining Design and Research Institute and the Institute for five rows of dry tailings Institute. Xinhai widely absorb the advanced phosphate mining technology, with excellent phosphate mining technology, we can design the most reasonable mining process for your phosphate concentrator; Xinhai as a phosphate mining company, extensively absorb the advanced phosphate flotation and dewatering equipment.

phosphate concentrator manufactured by Shandong Xinhai Mining Technology and Equipment Co., Ltd. has got a good reputation in the mining enterprise. Xinhai can make a promise to customers that Xinhai can choose the best phosphate mine plant, the fastest phosphate mine processing plant production, the best quality of phosphate mining equipment and the best service with the most reasonable prices!



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