Xinhai Tells You Things About the Mining Copper Ore

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Copper ore mining is closely related to the ore property to be chosen. It is also the basic referring conditions. It is same with the copper ore mining process. For example, there is a copper ore in Dexing, Jiangxi province. Its properties are as follows: the valuable mineral is mainly iron pyrites, copper pyrites, and molybdenite. Then there are chalcocite, barite, tetrahedrite, and blende. Nonmetallic minerals are mainly quartz, sericite, chlorite and kaolin. The particle size of iron pyrite is generally from 0.003~0.4mm, and there are many coarse grains. When it is ground to 0.14mm, the monomer dissociation degree can be up to 80%. Mining granularity is usually between 0.005~0.5mm, and 0.01~0.5mm takes the majority. Among that, the particle size of molybdenite is comparatively finer, generally from 0.0025 to 0.2mm. When the copper ore being ground to 0.02mm, the monomer dissociation is only around 80%. The confirmed mining copper ore process is as follows.

Crushing stage of mining for copper: three section of a closed circuit without washing mine process. The process can grind the ore to less than 15mm. Grinding stage: it is one stage copper ore grinding. The particles size that is less than 0.074mm takes up 60%~65%. The grinding and flotation process, according to the ore grinding machines, can be divided into 10 series. The flotation is the process of two-stage coarse separation, scavenging and one-stage coarse separation to have the concentrated ore. Later, the technicians have improved the mining copper ore process. They regrind the concentrated ore and gain the copper concentrate and sulphur concentrate separately.

From the example we can see, after the research of ore properties in the early stage, and based on that, it can be designed the best and the most proper copper ore mining process. Xinhai has years mining design experience and can give you the best advice, and provide you the most suitable and high-grade copper ore mining machinery according to your practical situation to ensure the customers most profit.



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