Improve Copper Production by Controlling PH in Flotation Process

2015-03-16 Xinhai Views (1416)

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Xinhai flotation processing increases product rate, reduces reagent consumption and labor requirements.Rich copper concentrate is produced from crude copper sulfide ore by means of a flotation procedure that takes benefit from the physical and chemical properties of small copper ore allergens. To optimize the production rate of copper, pH control is essential inside the flotation tanks.Crushed ore (containing 1 or 2 % birdwatcher), together with water along with a lime slurry, is fed right into a ball mill. This rotating drum contains steel balls that more crush the ore to a fine powder. If the ore / lime slurry emerges on the mill, it truly is fed to a rake classifier. Particles that are overlarge to pass through the classifier are returned on the mill, as you move the overflow will be discharged to flotation cells. Air is injected into the flotation cells, and foaming agents are added, developing a froth. Copper ore particles, because of the relatively lightweight, become a part of this froth, while heavier particles, for instance iron ore. The copper-rich concentrate, containing 20 to 40 % copper, is then separated on the solution for further processing.The fitness of the actual froth is directly dependent upon pH. The flow of lime slurry is therefore regulated to help keep the pH within the particular acceptable range. If pH is too low, iron will likely be entrapped in addition to copper, decreasing the value with the copper ultimately recovered. If too much lime is added, the effect can be a dilute froth pots additional concentration in later phases, increasing operating costs and wasting lime.Xinhai flotation process is customized according the requirement of clients combining with Xinhai flotation cells and machine. The technical team will provide professional advice for you.



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