Do You Know These Copper Ore Mining?

2016-04-08 Xinhai Views (1519)

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The nature of the mining of copper is the research and analysis of raw copper mine, only in this way can determine the best copper ore mining process and the flow-sheet of mining of copper, get the best copper ore mining effect. The copper mine nature of Jiangxi Dexing copper mineral contains easy composition: useful ore are mainly Pyrite, chalcopyrite, molybdenite, also refers to bornite, chalcocite, tetrahedrite, and galena; The metal minerals are mainly quartz, sericite, chlorite, and kaolinite. The particle size of pyrite is 0.003~0.4mm and mainly are coarse grain. When it is ground to 0.14mm, monomer dissociation degree can reach above 80%. For industrial and mining efforts, in general, it is between 0.005~0.5mm, and in the majority is of 0.01~0.5mm. When it is ground to 0.074mm, monomer dissociation degree can reach above 85%. The molybdenite size is fine, generally are 0.0025~0.2mm. When milled to 0.02mm, the monomer dissociation degree is just about 80|%. According to such kind of ore properties can determine the best copper ore mining process.

The crushing process of copper ore mining adopts one circuit three crushing stages and non-washing process. Grinding process is one stage grinding, and grinding particle size is less than 0.074mm accounts for 60~65%. Grinding and flotation process in accordance with the mill type is divided into 10 series, and the flotation processes adopt two times of roughing, two stage, then one roughing to get copper concentrate. Later Xinhai staff made changes to the copper mining process and regrinding the copper concentrate to get copper concentrate and sulfur concentrate separately. Copper ore processing can be determined by the nature of the copper mine, and using the most appropriate copper mining method can achieve the best copper mining results. Xinhai is a large copper mining company and has rich copper mining design experience. It can achieve all kinds of scales mineral designing requirement such as copper ore mining. Xinhai ensures the best service and the most suitable design for you.



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