Placer Gold Mining Equipment Sale

2016-04-22 Xinhai Views (1582)

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Placer gold is a kind of mineral that gold element exists in monomeric form and has high density. Therefore, for this kind of placer gold, Xinhai applies placer mining of gravity separating, which is the most efficient and economical for processing placer gold. When you looking for placer mining equipment for sale, Xinhai is your best choice. Xinhai has being a professional placer gold mining equipment sale for decades.

Except for common placer mining equipment for sales such as jigs and gold shaker tables, there is also placer gold mining equipment sale. like gold gravity separating equipment in domestic. The representative Placer gold mining equipment sale is chute, and pulsating sluice box. The chute is fixed chute one, which can be classified into two kinds. The larger one is used for open mining plants, and the particle size of placer is 50mm to 100mm. The smaller one is usually applied in gold dredger, and the separating particle size is less than 20mm. All chute specifications are small. The structure of fixed chute is simple, which is an oblong aqueduct body. Some of aqueduct bodies are made from template, and some are weled with steel plate whose thickness is 4-6mm. There is a baffle( called chute lattice or lattice bar) in the bottom of chute, which is called baffle chute. The conditions of chute technology applied in gold dredger are: 4-5m long, 0.6-0.8m wide, 0.4-0.6m high, and the assemble angel is 4-8°. The load on unit area is 0.4~1.5m³/㎡•h. The solid-liquid ratio is 0~12):1, and the flow speed of slurry is 0.8~1.2m/s. Advantages are no power needed, lower product cost, easy operation, and it is efficient for recovering minerals with coarser particle size, which is more than 0.2mm. And the disadvantages are an intermittent operation, heavy work for workers, and lower gold recovery rate of finer particle size minerals.

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