3 Ways to Improve Fluorite Ore Beneficiation Effect

2023-09-14 Xinhai Views (797)

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Fluorite ore is an important industrial raw material, and the quality requirement of concentrate is strict, so it also puts forward higher requirements for fluorite concentrator. To improve the effect of fluorite beneficiation, you can consider optimizing the crushing and grinding process of fluorite ore, optimizing the fluorite beneficiation process, optimizing the use of fluorite beneficiation agents, etc. The following will introduce the ways to improve beneficiation effect from three aspects.

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01Optimize fluorite ore crushing and grinding process

Crushing and grinding processes are the key steps in ore beneficiation process. By optimizing the selection and adjustment of crushing and grinding equipment, the particle size distribution and fineness of the ore can be controlled to improve the beneficiation effect. Specific operational aspects include the following parts:


1. Appropriate crushing equipment: according to the hardness and particle size of the fluorite ore, choose the appropriate crushing equipment, such as jaw crusher, cone crusher, etc. Ensure that the crushing equipment can effectively crush the ore into the appropriate particle size.

2. Crushing degree: according to the mineral processing requirements, control the crushing degree, that is, the grain size distribution of the ore. Generally, the particle size of the fluorite ore should be controlled in a small range for better subsequent grinding and beneficiation operations.

3. Grinding equipment and media: select appropriate grinding equipment, such as ball mill, ore mill, etc., and select appropriate grinding media, such as steel ball, etc. Ensure that the grinding equipment and grinding media can fully grind the ore and improve the grinding effect.

4. Grinding time and speed: control the time and speed of grinding according to the hardness and dressing requirements of the ore. Too long grinding time and too high grinding speed may lead to over-crushing and excessive refinement of the ore.

5. Stability of grinding equipment: maintain the stable operation of grinding equipment to avoid the decline of grinding effect caused due to equipment failure or unstable operation. Regular equipment maintenance and overhaul, to maintain the normal operation of the equipment.

02Optimize fluorite ore beneficiation process

According to the characteristics and mineral processing objectives of fluorite ore, the mineral processing process is optimized, including ore pretreatment, adjustment of separation conditions, selection and use of agents, etc. Reasonable process flow can improve the beneficiation effect and the recovery rate.


1. Ore pretreatment: pretreatment of fluorite ore, such as removal of impurities, ore crushing and grinding, to improve the effect of subsequent separation process.

2. Appropriate beneficiation equipment: according to the characteristics of the ore and ore processing requirements, select the appropriate separation equipment, such as flotation machine, gravity separation machine, etc. Ensure that the separation equipment can effectively separate the ore from the target mineral.

3. Mineral separation parameters: according to the characteristics of the ore and ore processing requirements, reasonably adjust the separation parameters, such as the type and dosage of agents, mixing speed, bubble size, etc. Optimizing the sorting parameters can improve the sorting effect and the recovery rate.

4. Fine beneficiation: fine beneficiation of fluorite ore to improve the grade and recovery of ore. The ore can be divided into different grade grades.

5. Equipment maintenance and management: keep the equipment in good condition, carry out equipment maintenance and overhaul regularly, to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, and avoid the decline of the separation effect caused due to equipment failure.

6. Process optimization test: through laboratory and field tests, constantly optimize the process, adjust parameters to find the best mineral processing process.

03Optimize the use of fluorite ore processing agent

Agents plays an important role in the beneficiation process, which can adjust the surface properties of fluorite ore, improve the interaction between fluorite ore and beneficiation medium, so as to improve the separation effect. Optimizing the selection and use of agents can improve the ore separation effect and recovery rate. It is embodied in the following aspects:


1. Appropriate pharmaceutical type: according to the characteristics of the ore and mineral processing requirements, select the appropriate pharmaceutical type. Different agents have different separation characteristics, such as collector, frothers, adjusting agent, etc., and choose appropriate agents according to the characteristics of ore.

2. Optimize the dosage of agents: reasonably control the dosage of agents, avoid excessive use of agents, so as not to waste resources and environmental pollution. At the same time, ensure that the amount of use is enough to achieve the desired sorting effect.

3. Time control of agents: according to the characteristics of ore and mineral processing requirements, the order and time of agents should be reasonably determined. Different agents play different roles in different stages, and controlling the addition order and time of agents can improve the beneficiation effect.

4. Stability and storage of the agent: maintain the stability of the agent and avoid the degradation of the sorting effect due to the degradation or deterioration of the agent. When storing the agent, pay attention to avoid direct sunlight and high temperature environment to maintain the stability of the agent.

5. Recycling of agents: For recyclable agents, they should be recycled and recycled to reduce the consumption and cost of agents. It can be recycled and reused by precipitation, filtration and other methods.

6. Drug test and optimization: Through laboratory and field tests, the use methods and parameters of agents are constantly optimized, and the best drug combination and dosage are found to improve the beneficiation effect and reduce the cost.


In conclusion, in order to improve the effect of fluorite ore processing, it is necessary to optimize the fluorite ore crushing and grinding process and the use of fluorite mineral processing process. These optimization measures can significantly improve the efficiency and grade of fluorite processing, while also reduce cost and environmental pollution. In addition, the field maintenance and management are also very important for the fluorite concentrator. Through the fine management and maintenance of the equipment, process and agent, the stable and efficient operation of the beneficiation process can be ensured, and the effect and economic benefit of fluorite beneficiation can be improved.



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