Xinhai Copper Ore Beneficiation Process Introduction

2016-06-12 Xinhai Views (2059)

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With the continuous mining of copper ore, easy-elected sulfide copper ore beneficiation plant is declining, while the proportion of difficult refractory oxide copper ore beneficiation plant is increasing. Copper ore beneficiation process workers at home and abroad have made a series of encouraging results. Flows are a brief induction of oxidized copper ore beneficiation process home and abroad.

Segregation – flotation process. Oxidized copper ore segregation – flotation process refers to after the copper ore grand to a certain degree, the halide reduction firing, after firing, segregation quench water cooled metal halide, and then during the grinding and flotation rich ground set. Segregation – flotation process is mainly used for processing high copper oxide content in conjunction ore containing a large quantity of copper oxide ore mud, but it has high production costs, high investment, technical requirements disadvantages. This beneficiation of copper ore method has been applicated in the production practice, but not so common.

Acid leaching process. It refers to the using of dilute sulfuric acid leaching acidic leaching agent for oxide copper ore beneficiation process. Acid leaching can be divided into percolation leaching and agitation leaching. Percolation leaching can be divided into heap leaching, in-situ leaching, leaching column leaching and tank leaching, it is used for coarse-grained oxide copper ore and copper oxide ore which has been blasting out. The Great agitation leaching put the dead particles and acid leaching agent to the slot, and then by means of mineral particles and stirring leaching agent full access to accelerate the dissolution process, it is the most mature technology of copper oxide.



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