Placer Gold Mining Equipment For Sale

2016-06-20 Xinhai Views (1468)

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In gold mining equipment industry, there are fewer placer gold mining methods used in placer gold mining beneficiation. Placer gold mining methods usually used in beneficiation process are gravity separating and cyanide leaching. We should pay attention to the method of gravity separating.

Placer gold mining equipment sales used in gravity separating has a simple structure, and its principle is not complex. Among placer gold mining equipment, except for common equipment, like jigs and shaking tables, there is some equipment for gravity separating in domestic. The representative placer gold mining equipment is spiral chute, I chute, and agitation chute. The chute means fixed chute, which is classified into two kinds: the bigger one and smaller one. Advantages of placer gold mining equipment are no power provided, lower production cost, and easy operation. It is efficient equipment, which is suitable for minerals whose particle size is more than 0.2mm. However, disadvantages are intermittent work needed, heavy working load, and low recovery rate for fine particle size minerals.

On cyanide leaching part, placer gold mining equipment sales are leaching tank and collection equipment. The representative placer gold mining equipment – leaching tanks are single impeller leaching tank and double impeller leaching tank. Leaching tank with single impeller is one of gold refining machine designed by China Nonferrous Community.



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