Molybdenum Recovery of Molybdenum Plant

2016-06-23 Xinhai Views (1699)

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China is rich in molybdenum ore resources, taking up 25% in the world in terms of molybdenum gross, which is the second in the world. According to molybdenum existing form, the molybdenum recovery process can be divided into single molybdenum recovery technology and the copper-molybdenum recovery technology in molybdenum plant>. here is the introduction of single molybdenum recovery process.

For single molybdenum recovery process, the most typical technology process is primary grinding primary flotation & regrinding and re-flotation. The reason why it can be primarily ground and floated is the good flowability of molybdenite in molybdenum plant. In general situation, the molybdenum grade in the single raw ore is low (0.01~4%), while the molybdenum grade requirement for smelting is 45~47% (up to 400). It needs several concentration operations in the recovery process (4~10 times). Besides, molybdenum ore has a low hardness. The fine grinding and marginalization will affect the concentrate quality in molybdenum plant. Therefore, in single molybdenum recovery process, it is especially necessary to first carry on the primary grinding and primary flotation to select a large amount of course concentrate.

Xinhai is an international famous mining machinery enterprise. It owns various equipment like crushing, screening, grinding, classifying and flotation equipment for the molybdenum recovery technology for molybdenum plant. Xinhai mining equipment has been widely applied in the molybdenum recovery plants and gained unanimous approval. If you need the mining equipment, go and find Xinhai manufacturer.



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