Guide of eight installation and commissioning links and eleven daily maintenance points of the mechanical stirring froth flotation equipment

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At present, the flotation method has been widely used in the mineral processing industry. There are various types of flotation equipment used in the flotation process, among which the most common one is the machinery stirring flotation machine. The installation, commissioning and daily maintenance of the machinery stirring froth flotation equipment are the necessary links before and after the formal production of each flotation plant. The quality of installation and commissioning and routine maintenance will affect the subsequent operation of froth flotation equipment, flotation index and economic benefits.

froth flotation equipment

Below, we will share with you the eight installation and commissioning links and eleven daily maintenance points of the mechanical stirring froth flotation equipment, effectively helping you to the correctly install and use the flotation machine.

Use the table of contents below to navigate through the guide:

01Installation and commissioning

The mechanical stirring froth flotation equipment is mainly composed of tank body, stirring mechanism, scraper mechanism, liquid level control mechanism, gate mechanism, ore drawing mechanism, etc. The installation and commissioning steps of each part are as follows:

Installation and commissioning of tank body

The installation of the tank body should ensure the correct installation sequence, that is, the head tank body first, then the middle tank body, and then the tail tank body.

froth flotation equipment

Before installing the tank body, the installation and debugging personnel needs to use the level surveying instrument to measure the horizontal deviation of the base seat. After the tank is installed in the base seat, the both sides of the overflow dam shall be the same level, and the installation and debugging personnel should align the various tank through the levelling instrument, and adopt the plate with different thickness to keep the machine horizontal in length and width. In general, the total deviation in the length direction should not exceed 3-5mm, and there is no leakage in the feeding port, between tank and tank, between tank and the middle ore box connection part, and then the bolts of each part of the body should be tightened.

Installation and commissioning of stirring mechanism

The installation and commissioning of stirring mechanism should be as follows:

● the hollow shaft and impeller should be installed firmly, the horizontal plane of impeller should be guaranteed to be perpendicular to the hollow shaft, and cannot move up and down in series.

● The impeller should be centered with the center hole of the false bottom, and the deviation is not more than 3mm.

● The guide vane of stator is aligned with the steady flow plate on the false bottom.

● The radial and axial clearance between the impeller and the stator should be guaranteed between 7-9mm. In the installation, the clearance can be measured at three points of equal distance from the outside diameter of the impeller. The axial clearance is adjusted by the adjusting pad.

● The installation tightness of the drive belt should be moderate. Before installing the belt, the large and small pulleys on the motor and the stirring shaft should be installed properly. After leveling, the belt should be put into the pulley groove, the center distance is adjusted and the belt is tensioned. Then, rotating the motor to adjust the triangle belt, so that the loose edge is slightly arched when the belt is in the load driving state.

● Install the safety cover of the triangle pulley. The safety cover should be firmly inserted into the pipe seat.

● Check the direction of motor rotation, the impeller should rotates clockwise, the stirring mechanism should rotate flexibly, without jamming phenomenon.

froth flotation equipment

Installation and commissioning of scraper mechanism

Install the scraper shaft, scraper frame and scraper rubber, and rotate the scraper shaft. The clearance between the scraper rubber plate and the overflow port is consistent, not more than 5mm. the scraper of latter tank and the previous tank are staggered 30° in turn.

The center of the scraper shaft is on the same straight line, and the coaxiality deviation of the two adjacent shafts is not greater than 0.8mm.

Installation and commissioning of liquid level control mechanism

Fix the liquid level adjustment mechanism, so that the mechanism can achieve the flexible lifting and falling in the manual or automatic operation, and the height adjustable range meets the design requirements.

froth flotation equipment

Installation of gate mechanism

The gate mechanism of machinery stirring froth flotation equipment should ensure that the gate can rise and fall flexibly and without leakage.

Installation of ore drawing mechanism

The handwheel rotation of machinery stirring froth flotation equipment should be flexible.

Lubrication and cleaning

After installation, the various grease should be injected into the lubrication points according to the design requirements, and the bolts, cotton cloth and other foreign bodies that fall into the tank during installation should be cleaned up.

Inspection and test run

Fill the overflow port with water and check the installation level of the tank and the leakage situation without starting the mixing mechanism. After checking, start the motor and run it with empty load for 8h. Check the current of the motor and the heating situation of all parts. If there is no abnormality, the ore can be fed to run.

froth flotation equipment

02Operation and maintenance

●During the operation of the machinery stirring flotation machine, the temperature rise of the bearing and scraper bearing of the stirring mechanism should be inspected and cannot exceed 25°C. The temperature rise of the motor bearing should not exceed the allowable value.

●When there is abnormal sound in the rotor body, the clearance between the stator and the rotor, the spindle bearing, the transmission tape and the rotor fixing parts should be checked. And the abnormal problems should be dealt with and replaced in time.

●The guide vane of stator and stabilizer plate of false bottom flow are easy to wear under the scouring of high-speed pulp, so they need to be checked frequently and replaced in time.

●The fastening bolts in the tank are easy to loosen and fall off under the impact of high-speed pulp, which may lead to the sinking of the stator, so the fastening bolts should be checked and replaced in time by each shift.

froth flotation equipment

●When the foam scraping rate of the foam scraping mechanism decreases, check whether the oil-resistant rubber plate is damaged , adjust or replace it in time.

●When the bubble scraping mechanism vibrates or swings, check whether there are cracks in the transmission shaft and whether the coupling is detached.

●Check the impeller regularly. When the diameter of impeller wear is more than 10%, or there are holes or cracks, the impeller needs to be replaced in time.

●Lubricate well. The stirring mechanism and the reducer of the bubble scraping mechanism need to change the oil once every 3 months; The main shaft bearing of the stirring mechanism is oiled once a month; The oil-bearing of the bubble scraping mechanism should be refueled once a day.

froth flotation equipment

●Keep the stable feeding quantity and feed concentration, reasonable dosing system, adjust the air intake of hollow shaft and sleeve appropriately, adjust the liquid level of flotation tank, and the scraper should not be wiped.

●Stop the feeding before stopping the flotation machine. If the machinery stirring flotation machine stops for a long time, the ore valve should be opened to empty the pulp, avoiding the sludge deposition at the bottom of the tank to block the pipeline.

●Check regularly whether the action of the automatic liquid level control device is reliable and whether the set value of the liquid level is appropriate.

froth flotation equipment

The above are the main points of the installation and commissioning of the mechanical stirring froth flotation equipment and the daily maintenance. Reasonably and scientifically install, debug and operate mechanical stirring froth flotation equipment, and do a good job of daily maintenance can improve the flotation efficiency of the flotation machine, prolong the service life of the equipment, and obtain more ideal economic benefits and selection plant indicators.



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