Four main daily operation points of the flotation cell machine you have to follow

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In the flotation process, the daily operation of the flotation cell machine is an important factor affecting the flotation effect. The operator should appropriately adjust the parameters of the flotation cell machine according to the ore properties, processing capacity, product requirements, and equipment wear, including the ore slurry level, inflating volume, area of the circulation hole, gap of the stirring mechanism.

flotation cell machine

Let’s learn about the four main daily operation points of the flotation cell machine, guiding you to use the flotation machine correctly.

Use the table of contents below to navigate through the guide:

01Strictly control the ore slurry level

The ore slurry level is usually controlled by the level of the tailings dam gate. If there is a middling box, the size of the tailings dam gate controls the level of each tank. During the flotation machine operation, the operator can properly expand the gate under the premise of ensuring the quality of the concentrate and tailings, so as to improve the processing capacity of the equipment.


It should be noted that when the gate is too large, the ore slurry level is low and the foam layer is thick. If the scraping depth is not well controlled, the mineralized bubbles cannot be scraped out in time, causing the concentrated loss. On the contrary, when the ore slurry level is too high, the foam layer is thin, the secondary enrichment effect is poor, and some unmineralized gangue particles are easy to enter the concentrate, affecting the final flotation effect.

02Keep the inflating volume within a reasonable limit

The practice shows that increasing the inflating volume in a certain range can greatly improve the production capacity and flotation index of the flotation machine. And the inflating volume mainly depends on the type of flotation cell machine and the requirements of the flotation process. When the inflating volume is too large, the liquid level will turn over and the foam layer will be unstable, which will affect the flotation effect. However, when the inflating volume is insufficient, some useful minerals cannot be attached to the bubble in time, which will affect the processing capacity of the flotation cell machine, resulting in the concentrated loss.

flotation cell machine

Generally, the inflating volume of the press-in flotation machine needs to be adjusted by the amount of air press-in. The air of the self-suction flotation cell machine generally enters through the sleeve, or sleeve and hollow shaft at the same time. At this time, the air inflow affects the slurry feeding amount. The operator should pay attention to adjusting the air inflow and slurry feeding amount (the air inflow of the sleeve and the hollow shaft is generally adjusted through the cover plate or endplate of its end). The air inflow of the sleeve has little influence on the slurry-suction quantity, while the air inflow of the hollow shaft has a great influence on the slurry-suction quantity. Therefore, the slurry-suction quantity should be considered on the premise of ensuring the air inflow.

03Adjust the area of the circulation hole

In the production, the area of the circulation hole will directly affect the pulp circulation and suction capacity. In general, increasing the area of the circulation hole can increase the chance of remineralization of pulp, but it also correspondingly increases the power consumption, wear degree, and the grinding degree of mineral particles, and even causes the liquid level to turn over.

At this time, the operator of the flotation cell machine should adjust the area of the circulation hole according to the product quality and the processing capacity of the flotation machine, ensuring the appropriate (small) circulation amount. For example, block the part of the circulation hole, or a part of each circulation hole, and pay attention to the regular removal of non-human blocked debris on the circulation hole.

flotation cell machine

04Timely observe the gap of the stirring mechanism

After a long time of work, the impeller of the flotation cell machine will cause a certain degree of wear of the stirring mechanism, resulting in the increase of the gap between the impeller and the stator, and reduce the suction and slurry.

Generally, the operator can adjust the axial clearance between the impeller and the stator by changing the gasket between the bearing seat and sleeve, so that it is kept in the range of 6-10mm. The radial clearance is generally not changed because it is difficult to adjust. If the stirring mechanism clearance is too large to adjust, the operator should replace the impeller or stator in time.


At present, the flotation process has been a common mineral processing method, its process will directly affect the final technical and economic indicators. In the production, the operator must pay attention to every detail of the flotation process, improve their daily operation, maintenance, and overhaul skills, do a good job in the daily work of the flotation cell machine, ensuring its normal and stable work.



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