Why does Xinhai Innovative Ball Mill Plant Perform so Efficiently?

2021-08-09 Xinhai Views (1710)

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Ball mill is a very important mineral processing equipment in the mineral beneficiation plant. The high-quality ball mill plant can not only improve the efficiency of the whole mineral beneficiation plant but also save costs greatly and obtain maximum return on investment.

In line with the concept of development and innovation, Xinhai is committed to the innovation of mineral processing equipment, aiming to provide miners with high-efficiency and energy-saving high-quality equipment with Xinhai features.

Xinhai Mining Mechanical Design and Research Institute have rich experience in mining machinery design and innovation. At present, they have carried out technical renovation of Mechanical Design and Research Institute has rich experience in mining machinery design and innovation.

ball mill plant

Follow me to see why Xinhai innovation ball mill plant performs so efficiently?

Use the table of contents below to navigate through the guide:

011. Innovative ball mill-drive system with a low-speed driving device

With the slow-speed transmission system device, the jaw coupling is reduced by the reducer and gear, so the cylinder can obtain a slower speed (0.1 r / min). The slow-speed driving system facilitates overhaul and start-up of the ball mill plant. For example:

Carrying out the overhaul of ball mill plant and replacement of lining plate during slow-speed start-up;

Facilitating the start-up of the ball mill plant:

When the ball mill is shut down for more than 4 hours, the material in the barrel is hardened, which makes the ball mill difficult to start, you can use a slow-speed driving device before starting the main motor to loosen the materials, thereby helping the ball mill to start smoothly.

022. Innovative ball mill-hydraulic jack device

When the ball mill plant is being repaired, only the handle of the hydraulic station can make the hydraulic jack up and down. After the ball mill cylinder is jacked up, the gearwheel and pinion are detached which is convenient for replacing the pinion, maintaining the gear transmission part and the bearing part of the mill as well as replacing the damaged bearing part.

ball mill plant

033. Innovative Ball mill-Multiple feeding device choices

For the feeding device of the ball mill plant, Xinhai Mining designs a drum feeder, combined feeder, and feeding dolly. The three types of devices, especially the feeding dolly for large ball mill or meeting the demands, the feeding pipe is fixed on the mobile dolly, which can move through the track front or after. The feeding pipe can plug in the feeding throat of the ball mill, and the connecting flange can connect with the feeding device. When repairing the ball mill, the dolly can be moved away through the track.

044. Innovative Ball mill-Large and small rack spay mist lubrication system

The Spray mist lubrication system is deployed by Xinhai Mining for the ball mill. The dry oil atomizer periodically ejects a certain amount of grease onto the working surface of the gear to achieve lubrication and reduce gear wear. In addition, the spray lubrication system adopts visual PLC control, which can maintain basic parameters, control the amount of oil injection each time and display the working process.

ball mill plant

055. Innovative Ball mill-Antifriction bearing instead of sliding bearing

Xinhai Mining ball mill plant uses double row cylindrical rolling bearing instead of sliding bearing. The rolling bearing is linear contact, friction is far less than the surface contact sliding bearing, the power consumption, and installation requirements are also lower than the sliding bearing. At the same time, the rolling bearing lubrication requirements are low, no pressure is required for oil supply, only the oil cup break can meet the requirements for normal operation of the ball mill.

066. Innovative Ball mill-The whole frame rake

For middle and small ball mills, Xinhai Mining applies the whole frame rake. The whole mill is mounted on an integral welding frame connected with the foundation. All parts of the equipment on the overall frame, the whole equipment in the factory had already finished installation and debugging, to the scene just to play good in advance, on the basis of looking for a good level and can be installed firmly, installation and convenient operation, greatly reduce the amount of the installation, shortening the time limit for a project, but also conducive to the long-distance transportation of the equipment.

ball mill plant

As you can see, we can provide customized mineral processing equipment innovative ball mill by the requirement and the size of ball mill, including drive system, jacking device, feeding device, large and small gear mist spray lubrication system, antifriction bearing, whole rack. Realizing the goal of energy-saving, low-consumption, and high-efficiency in this way.

That's why the Innovative Ball Mill Plant Perform is so Efficient!



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