Four common problems of mechanical flotation cell and their solutions!

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Mechanical flotation cell is a kind of widely used flotation equipment, its smooth and high-efficiency operation is an effective way to guarantee the economic benefits of flotation concentrator.

In the flotation process, the common failures of mechanical flotation cells mainly include failure of stirring mechanism, failure of scraper mechanism, failure of the tank, and failure of the gate.

mechanical flotation cell

Below, take you to understand these four common flotation machine problems, analyze their causes and give the corresponding solutions.

Use the table of contents below to navigate through the guide:

01Failure of stirring mechanism

As the core part of the mechanical flotation cell, the stirring mechanism determines whether the flotation machine can run normally. After the replacement of some parts, the flotation machine may appear the problems of inflexible stirring mechanism or even normal operation, or appear in the operation process of motor bearing temperature is too high, abnormal vibration, noise and other phenomena, if not dealt with in time,it may lead to motor burning, bearing damage and other consequences.


1. During the initial installation, the foreign body in the groove should be removed first, and the large belt pulley should be rotated to confirm the rotation and belt tightness.

Start to check, confirm the belt running direction (clockwise when looking down), and ensure that the belt is without scratches, and then officially start.

2. If the above problems occur during the operation of the mechanical flotation cell, the belt should be removed and the stirring part disconnected for investigation.

The routine inspection is divided into the motor, including the vertical degree of the motor shaft, motor, and plate, plate, and bracket between the structure. At the same time, a separate wiring test can be carried out, visually test whether the small pulley running stable, exclude the motor damp, bearing lubrication, and other factors. If necessary, professional maintenance personnel can be asked to repair the motor.

mechanical flotation cell

02Failure of scraper mechanism

The scraper of the flotation machine is located above the tank, which is an important functional part of the mechanical flotation cell used for scraping foam products.

In the installation and application stage, the common faults of the scraper mechanism mainly include inflexible rotation of the scraper mechanism shaft, broken shaft, high motor temperature, motor deceleration, oil leakage of the reducer.


Check the scraper shaft

Before installation, check the scraper mechanism bearing, coupling, and other parts, especially check whether the scraper shaft has to bend deformation or not.

When the flotation machine leaves the factory, the head shaft of the scraper mechanism and the reducer are usually installed together.

During the site installation, the head shaft should be first disengaged from the gear reducer, and then reconnected to the scraper shaft of each slot, then check whether the scraper shaft is flexible. If the rotation is not flexible, the adjusting pad can be added between the scraper bearing seat and the tank body, finally, the head shaft and the reducer are connected to ensure that the error between the head shaft center height and the reducer center height is less than 0.5mm.

During the daily maintenance, keep the integrity of key connecting parts of the flotation machine, including coupling, keys, keyway, bearing, bearing seat, etc., and replace damaged parts in time. If the scraper shaft is broken, do not continue to use it after welding.

Check the scraper reducer

The oil leakage of the reducer mainly occurs in the output shaft of the reducer, the part connected by the gear reducer and the motor, which often leads to seal failure due to overload or long-time non-operation of the reducer.

In order to prevent the reducer from leaking oil, two parts of the oil seal can be replaced.

In addition, check whether the reducer and lubricating oil meet the requirements, whether the oil level is too high, whether the vent is smooth. If there is no abnormality, the lubricating oil can be replaced normally.

If the temperature of the motor and reducer is too high, it may be caused by inflexible rotation of the scraper mechanism or oil leakage. Check it follow the above operations.

If the internal structure of the motor or reducer has problems, consult the technical personnel of the flotation machine factory for maintenance.

mechanical flotation cell

03Failure of tank

The failure of the flotation machine tank generally occurs in the equipment installation stage, that is, different degrees of water seepage and leakage may occur in the fixed position, and some of them may occur at individual welds in the channel at the bottom of the tank.


1. The connecting rubber on the surface of the tank body shall be complete and free from deformation. The flange surface shall be filled with sealant to seal and strengthen the seal, then the pre-tightening bolt is tightened.

2. If the gap of the connected tank is found to leak, check whether the bolt is loose and whether the rubber is damaged. Try to loosen the pre-tightening bolt, refill the sealant between the bolt and the rubber or service, and then retighten the bolt.

3. If the location and cause of leakage cannot be determined, or the effect is not good according to the operation, try to fill sealant completely around the online surface flow plate of flotation machine, or solve the leakage problem through continuous good welding of the flow port circle on the joint surface.

mechanical flotation cell

04Failure of gate

The plate is located at the tail of the flotation machine with a simple structure, which is mainly used to adjust the liquid level in the tank. Its installation, debugging and high use frequency are prone to handwheel damage, water running.


1. Under the condition that the screw is well lubricated and there is no rubber damage, pay attention to the pre-tightening degree of special screws.

2. The rubber is stuck to the back of the gate, ensuring that the rubber cover is firmly bonded. The gate should be installed under the condition of full drying.

3. The special screws are designed according to the check and structural size. And the natural pre-tightening force between the pre-tightening gate and the u-shaped plate of the slot body should meet the design requirements. Do not adjust it unless there are special circumstances, otherwise, too loose or too tight pre-tightening may lead to water running problems.

mechanical flotation cell

These are the four common mechanical failures of the mechanical flotation cell. In actual production, please pay attention to cultivating consciousness of maintenance. The maintenance staff should grasp the work principle and breakdown characteristics of the flotation machine, thus prolonging the service life of the flotation machine. It is suggested to choose the flotation machine manufacturer who can offer installation and debugging services, technical support, so as to avoid mechanical failure flotation machine from the source.



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