Ball mill liner wear too fast? Here are four kinds of wear reasons and solutions!

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As an important part of the ball mill, the ball mill liner can not only effectively protect the barrel of the ball mill, but also enhance the impact and grinding between the medium and the material, so as to improve the grinding efficiency. In production, it is common that many lining plates of the ball mill wear too fast under the long-term action of the grinding medium.

ball mill in gold processing plant

So, what are the reasons for the excessive wear of the ball mill liner? And How can we solve this problem?

Use the table of contents below to navigate through the guide:

01Mutual wear occurs between the lining plate and steel ball

The lining plate and steel ball of the ball mill are wearing parts. In the grinding process, ball mill steel ball and material in the cylinder body parabolic falling movement, at this time the ball mill lining plate, steel ball, material three will collide with each other to produce friction.

In continuous operation, the lining plate and steel ball of the ball mill will appear serious wear phenomenon, which is directly related to the hardness of the material. The higher the hardness of the material is, the faster the wear speed of the ball mill liner and steel ball is, which may cause equipment damage or even cause safety accidents in serious cases.


■ Choose the lining plate and the steel ball reasonably, control the hardness of the lining plate and the steel ball well, and do a reasonable collocation of the lining plate and the steel ball. Under normal circumstances, the hardness ratio of the lining plate and steel ball for the conventional ball mill is about 1:0.8;

■ Control the filling rate of the ball mill and the ratio of steel balls.

ball mill in phosphate processing plant

02The quality of the lining plate is unreasonable

The quality of the ball mill liner and its heat treatment process are the keys to determining the mechanical properties of the ball mill liner. Improper selection of lining material will greatly reduce its anti-fatigue strength and life, which cannot meet the work requirements of the ball mill, and even produce the plastic change or drum.


Choose new wear-resistant lining material. At present, the commonly used lining materials of ball mills include high manganese steel, high chromium steel, alloy steel, and wear-resistant rubber, among which wear-resistant rubber is the newly emerging lining material of ball mills.

ball mill in copper processing plant

03The heat treatment process of the lining plate is unreasonable

The unreasonable heat treatment of the ball mill liner will not only aggravate the wear of the liner but also affect the yield strength of the liner, resulting in the fracture of the fixing bolt of the ball mill liner under the action of large shear force.

In the actual operation, if the ball mill operator is lack understanding of liner quality and the heat treatment of the ball mill lining plate is not reasonable, they are easy to cause the strengthening effect of the ball mill lining plate cannot be in place, even be out of shape when the steel ball strikes the material.


Preheating the ball mill liner can effectively reduce the wear of the ball mill liner. In actual production, the suitable preheating process can be selected according to the quality of the lining plate.

ball mill in iron processing plant

04Ball mill runs abnormally

The ball mill running in an abnormal state will also bring a bad influence to the lining plate. Under a normal operation, the steel ball and the material are mixed together. When the steel ball drops to the lining plate, it forms a barrier with the material and plays a buffer role at the same time, then gradually grinds the material. If the ball mill is in low load operation, the steel ball will directly impact the lining plate, which will cause serious wear and even fracture of the lining plate.


The ball mill operator should adjust the feeding quantity of the ball mill in time according to the running status of the ball mill. When the ball mill is running under a low load, the feeding quantity of the ball mill should be adjusted in time to ensure the processing capacity of the ball mill.

ball mill in zinc processing plant

In addition to the four wear reasons described above, the design, manufacture, and installation of the ball mill liner may also lead to excessive wear of the lining plate. In order to improve the use efficiency of lining plate, it is necessary to analyze the cause of wear, so as to formulate a reasonable solution.



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