Solutions for Common Faults of Miniature Ball Mill
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Solutions for Common Faults of Miniature Ball Mill

2015-09-07 XinHai Views (1038)

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Ball mill is the important equipment for grinding after the crushing. In daily production process, we need to find and solve the equipment faults timely, otherwise, it will influence the entire production process. Follows are the solutions for miniature ball mill faults.

1, there are large volume and regular beat sound in operation, the reason is that part liner bolts are not tightened, we should find the bolts liner by the voice and find out the loose bolts and tighten them.

2, the temperature of the bearing is over high. Solutions are follows:

1) Checking the every lubrication parts of the mill, and using the lubricating oil according to the requirements of the instructions.

2) If the lubricating oil is out of date, it should be replaced timely.

3) Checking whether the lubrication pipeline is blocked, whether the lubricating oil is dropped directly into the lubricating point, whether the oil is sufficient, the problem should be solved according to the actual situation.

4) The gab of bearing side is too small, or the gap between bearing and shaft, and because of too many contact points, it is difficult to form a uniform oil slick.

5) Improper usage of lubricating of mill bearing, the normal usage should covers the bearing void 1/3-1/2.

3,After the startup of the electrical motor, if there are vibration, the reasons are:

1) The knot way of mail coupling alignment is wrong, so the two axis are misaligned. Two axis should be aligned according to regulations.

2) The coupling shaft link bolt is asymmetrical, and fastening force is different. The shaft link bolt should be tightened by the same force.

4, The reducer machine has the unnormal operating sound. If the mill gear has the slight percussion and friction hoarse voice, but the operating process is normal, then we can observed for a period of time, stop the machine after finding the reason. If the voice become louder and louder, it should stopped and being check. Xinhai group has always been committed to provide the best service, if you have any problem in the operation of the miniature ball mill, we will solve them as soon as possible.