Things about Steel Slag Ball Mill

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Steel slag ball mill is an important equipment in the main machine hall. The capacity of ball mill directly determines the capacity of the concentrator. Generally speaking, grinding workshop works 24 x 365, but due to the equipment maintenance problems, there will be a day for maintenance per month, so work time becomes 330 days a year more or less. In the main plant, the ball mill generally has numerous series, containing a series of spare. Crushing and grinding in domestic and international are turning to large-scale, automated development. The application of large scale equipment can be easily managed, and reduce the cost of unit output. Steel slag ball mill is used in the steel slag grinding, and it has a similar structure with the ordinary ball mill. Steel slag has the following characteristics: high iron content and high hardness; much silicon inside, steel slag has high brittleness; serious agglomeration usually in the form of plate and block. There are must be two points needed to improve: first, the type of liner board needs to be more wear-resistant and hard to adapt to the more rigid steel slag. Second, the ball needs to take chromium ball with high hardness to meet the high hardness, high brittleness of steel slag crushing.

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There are many domestic machinery manufacturers, like Shenyang machinery, China first machinery, which are advanced ball mill manufacturing plant. China first machinery large steel slag ball mill inner diameter can reach 5.6m, the tube body length is about 7.2m, but there is still a big gap compared with a foreign ball mill. Xinhai ball mill has good quality but low price. There must be the one that is suitable for you among large scales of ball mill, Xinhai tries to provide customers with the best quality and service to win your support.



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